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Writer's Block, PBA Game, and Yummy Pasta

The third quarter of the year has just started, and I hope you are doing fine. Today I'll be sharing some of my fave happenings in the past few weeks.

Writer’s Block

Last month’s writing slump was the longest one I’ve ever experienced so far. To address this, I spent the remaining days of June slowing down. I limited my work activities, listened to audiobooks, and did some laundry. It is something I find therapeutic when I am overwhelmed. The act of sorting, rinsing, and washing makes me feel good. I like how it makes clearing my head easier because there is a physical demonstration that I associate with it. Syempre di naman every day ah, kakapagod na laba na yun hehe.

Meeting Up with College Friends

I started July right by catching up with two of my college friends, Aira and Cas. I barely slept the night before our meeting, but I still woke up excited because it’s been two years since I last saw Cas, and I think four years for Aira. Ang tagal na! Ang lalayo na kasi namin. Thankfully we had the chance to catch up this time.

Hubs and I traveled from Pasig to Imus early to avoid being late. We then waited at a coffee shop until they both arrived.

Three Filipina girls smiling for a photo | Banapple, The District Imus Cavite | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
Lunch at Banapple with the girls | L-R Cas & Aira (who I fondly call as BB Cas and Haira), us three posing for a photo

Our bonding was short and sweet. We had coffee, a big lunch, and ice cream. Cas also got us cute friendship earrings of the same style in different colors. Seeing them was worth every minute. Some things might have changed (like our priorities in life), and we may have been apart for a long time, but I am glad to see that we still share the same bond. Not all friendships are worth keeping, and not all of them last, so being friends with these girls up to this day is an honor. Of course, congratulations to Haira who will be giving birth to a baby girl soon! 💗 Parang kelan lang naglalakad kami sa JFH, ngayon full adults na kami. Ang laki na naming lahat hehe.

Three Filipina girls smiling for a photo | Coco Milk Tea | The District Imus, Cavite | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Watching a PBA Game

I’m no basketball fan, but the two men in my life are, so I went out with them and watched a few live games. One of the PBA players from TNT is a good friend of my uncle, my cousin, and my dad (who all hail from Cebu). He's the one who gives papa tickets.

PBA Games July 2022 | TNT vs. Converge, SMB vs. Phoenix | Converge vs. NLEX, TNT vs. SMB | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
Photos from the two separate games we watched. 5th time to catch it live, awesome crowd!

First game we watched: Converge vs. TNT (TNT won), and San Miguel vs. Phoenix (San Miguel won) at Ynares Sports Center in Antipolo. Second game we watched: Converge vs. NLEX (Converge won), and San Miguel vs. TNT (San Miguel won) at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. This one was more exciting than the previous one, the scores were so close.

PBA Games in the Philippines | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
Being close to the action was fun because the energy was infectious.

Delicious Pasta Meal

Aside from Sinigang and Caldereta, I like cooking pasta. They’re delicious, easy to make, and always go well with bread (I love bread). Weeks ago, I prepared Squid Ink Pasta a la Diana, and below is a photo of the final product. I do not use artificial flavor enhancers when I cook, but I am proud to say that my family loves my cooking. Hehehe.

Here's my simple recipe that even kids can follow:


​Garlic and Onions

​Fresh Basil Leaves

Salt and Pepper



​Olive Oil

Tomatoes and Mushrooms

​Sliced Green Olives


Ideal Gourmet squid ink pasta | Healthy and delicious pasta meal | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
Squid Ink Pasta with salmon bits, vegetables, lemon, and cheese


Boil water with salt and a bit of oil, then add the squid ink pasta. Cook noodles until it’s firm to the bite (al dente). Set aside.

Sauce Mix
  • Saute garlic and onions in olive oil;

  • Add the rest of the ingredients (salmon bits, tomatoes, mushrooms, coriander, fresh basil leaves, and Green olives);

  • Mix well and cook for a few minutes. Add salt and pepper to taste. Set aside.

Once you're done, scoop some cooked pasta to a plate, then add as much sauce as you want. Garnish with lemon and cheese. That’s it! Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Quick Date with Lil Sissss

Despite her busy schedule, I’m glad my sister makes time for me because she’s the only sibling I have now after we lost our youngest. It is also relaxing to laugh with her about some things. We have our codes and jokes that only we understand. If you have a sis (or bro), I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. My sister Betina is a sporty person, she is actually preparing for another race!

Two girls inside a car smiling for a photo | Blogs Philippines
Cute daw sya dito so ito nalang upload ko

That's it for today. Make sure to check out other articles 🙂 You can also subscribe to the blog on the homepage. Thank you!


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