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Inside Dubai's Museum of the Future

Hey everyone! Today, I am taking you with me to get a glimpse of Dubai's vision for the future (or the year 2071, to be exact). Let’s begin!

Inside Dubai's Museum of the Future | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Distinguished by its unique architectural design, the Museum of the Future stands out in the city’s financial district. How can it not? It’s a one-of-a-kind, seven-story structure with Arabic calligraphy inscribed in steel (that lights up at night). It’s gorgeous.

The Museum of the Future opened last February 20, 2022 (02 20 2022).

The elevator inside Dubai's Museum of the Future

“See the Future, Build the Future”

From the name itself, I’m sure you already know what this museum is all about; the sustainable and technology-driven future of Dubai (and possibly the rest of the world). The idea is to give us all a glimpse of what life could look like in 2071.

We arrived at the building just in time for our scheduled tour at 10 AM. This wall greeted us.

“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it, and execute it. It isn't something you await, but rather create.” - Sheikh Mohammed

Since we got the earliest slot, there were fewer participants in our batch. That gave us more time to explore themed rooms and try all the activities.

Getting the Pass | Entering Museum of the Future

You can purchase Museum of the Future tickets via their website or discount websites like Klook.

Book your Museum of the Future tickets from Klook

To get your wristband (which serves as your pass), present the QR code you received via email after your online booking. There's no need to print it on paper. A screenshot on your phone will do.

Starting the Tour | O.S.S. Hope

The museum experience started with a quick welcome remark from the host and a simple reminder not to use flash when taking photos. We then watched a video and boarded the spaceship. It was cool. It appeared as if we were leaving Earth because the lift had audio and video simulations. The ride was quite a while.

OSS Hope Space Shuttle (simulated ride)
Orbital Space Station (O.S.S.) Hope | Inside Museum of the Future in Dubai | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
One of their goals include powering life on Earth primarily through solar energy.

Moments after the ride, we landed at the command center of the Orbital Space Station (OSS) Hope. They had a lot of cool stuff there, like little gadgets you could explore. There was also this large screen that you could go in front of to view yourself as an astronaut applying for their space program.

Visiting Museum of the Future in Dubai | OSS Hope
OSS Hope Command Center | Inside Dubai's Museum of the Future

Our wristband passes doubled as activators for the 3D holographic experience that waited for us (see photo above). We enjoyed scanning it to access information about the things we saw at the table. We also saw space snacks, outfits, and all sorts of items one can utilize in space.

Interactive table where you can scan your wrist bands and view different information | Inside Museum of the Future, Dubai

The HEAL Institute

The HEAL institute centered on showing how bioengineering and artificial intelligence (AI) can help save our ecosystems. Nature lovers will appreciate this exhibit. They had a massive display of the Amazon illustrating how energy travels through rainforests, and there was an ecological nursery as well, with realistic depictions of different species in incubators. In between the tours, there are activities you can enjoy with your wristband.

Museum of the Future Dubai, Nursery | HEAL Institute photos

On the other side is the Geoscope, a global monitoring system that looks after the bespoke species they designed to support threatened biomes (like forests, deserts, oceans, etc.). The way they visualized the data and presented the simulators was impressive. It was future-forward, as expected.

Geoscope monitoring system | Museum of the Future, Dubai

Also part of the HEAL institute was The Library (of species). It was my favorite part. It had thousands of various species enclosed in glass capsules complete with lights. We stayed here the longest. I found it very stimulating. You could see everything up close and in detail (there were plants, animals, fungi, etc.). It’s like a physical archive of life on Earth. It will bring out the science-loving kid in you.

Inside Museum of the Future | HEAL Institute, DNA Library, Library of Species | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
DNA Library Museum of the Future | Library of Species HEAL Institute MOTF Dubai
The library of species in one word: amazing

Al Waha (“The Oasis”)

A safe space built to promote relaxation and wellness, Al Waha is the futuristic version of a spa (but better). It’s a Pink colored facility that uses light, color, and sound therapy. Once you pass through the arched entranceway, you’ll arrive at what seems like their lobby, where you can walk on the carpeted floor that creates the illusion of waves when you step on it. Expectedly, this was the most calming among the exhibitions. It had spaces and corners where you could rest and different rooms that offered meditative experiences. We tried them all except one.

Al Waha or The Oasis inside HEAL Institute | Museum of the Future in Dubai
Entering Al Waha or "The Oasis", it's so Pink

First, we checked out the grounding therapy, where you could stand in the middle of two large discs to attune to 7.83 hertz, which they mentioned was the optimal frequency to heal our bodies (not in photo).

Al Waha (The Oasis) | Museum of the Future | Traveling to Dubai

Then, we went to the other room and joined the connection session. It was a group meditation where we circled around the table to hum together towards the devices in front of us. Once we got in sync, the aroma of UAE's national flower vaporized. It was dark inside so I could only take a few pics.

Ultrasonic therapy was next. I liked this one the most. We had our private cubicles where we laid our hands on a copper table while it emitted vibrations, and the AI gave us instructions on what to do. The goal of this one was to resensitize our tired hands. I felt relaxed after this activity.

Ultrasonic therapy experience, Dubai's Museum of the Future | HEAL Institute Al Waha "The Oasis" | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
Trying out the ultrasonic therapy at Al Waha

Ending the Tour | Tomorrow, Today

Our last stop was the future tech exhibit “Tomorrow, Today”; it had plenty of displays about robots, solar energy, future housing plans, space suits, and detection systems technology, among many others.

Museum of the Future exhibit | Dubai, UAE travel
Space suits and futuristic gear inside Museum of the Future | Dubai
Ooho, Pipette, and Notpla films | Museum of the Future exhibit | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi

You can stay in this area for as long as you want. There are plenty of things you can learn about, and the best part is that they have models to help you grasp the concepts better. Once you finish with the final exhibit, you can go to the viewing deck and enjoy the views.

Museum of the Future lobby | Dubai travel blog
Festo robotic hand | Tomorrow, today exhibit | Museum of the Future

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Do they accept walk-ins? Nope. You should book your time slot because the tour is guided and done by batch.

  • Is there a coffee shop inside? Yes, there's an in-house cafe where the robots prepare the drinks. Only card payments are accepted.

  • Can we buy souvenirs? Yes, they sell a lot of souvenirs on the ground floor. There's also a perfume area where you can create your own scent and have it bottled.

Smart lock feature, smart home technologies | Museum of the Future | Today Tomorrow Exhibit | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
Dubai in 2071 | The future of cities | Inside Museum of the Future |  A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
This reminds me so much of Disney's Tomorrowland

Museum of the Future Address: Sheikh Zayed Road - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Watch our clips from the museum HERE.


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