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3 Things to Keep Private | Love Life, Income, Next Move

Hey there, thanks for checking out the blog 🌞 For today’s post, we’re going to talk about three things you should keep private (inspired by the popular quote below).

3 Things to Keep Private Quote | a private life is a happy life | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

We live in an age where normalcy now includes posting regular updates about one's life online.

Surely, you’ve seen it- a Facebook friend or someone you follow on Instagram sharing tons of selfies, endless travel photos (which focus on them instead of the destination), new job updates, personal rants, or even the most random things like losing house keys or having a bad hair day.

While there’s nothing wrong with the occasional posting of special moments or a few thoughts on social media, spending long hours in it can get you in the loop and lure you to put everything out there as well; mostly to keep up, receive validation, or prove something to the people you want to impress.

Anyway, for as long as you use social media consciously and responsibly, there shouldn’t be any problem. Just think before you click and only share 8-10% of your life (well, this is just what I think). Going back, here are some things that are best kept under the radar.

1.) Your love life

Being in love is a great thing, and it’s normal to be proud of it. There’s nothing wrong with expressing your happiness and taking pride in being with a loving partner or relationship. Just avoid overdoing it on social media because you might get hooked with the false sense of validation and unknowingly feel the need to sustain it by constantly updating everyone.

You sure can upload a few photos of you and your lover during travels or special occasions, but keep the rest private (most especially if you're friends with random people on your social networking accounts). Your online circle doesn’t have to know about your arguments or sweet/intimate moments every day. Making your love life too public also somehow invites others to make their opinions about it, even if you don’t intend to. Save the romantic stories for your real friends and family.

Take note that secrecy is different from privacy. Keeping your relationship private doesn’t mean hiding it from the world, just sharing it with the people who matter. When you’re secure in your relationship, there won’t be any need to seek validation from others that you are in a happy relationship; because you already know you’re in one.

Three things to keep private | a private life is a happy life | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

2.) Your income

Others don’t have to know if you’re broke, doing great, or a millionaire. The amount of money you earn is something that you’re entitled to make private. Keep your sources of income to yourself, for these are personal. If someone asks you about money matters, just give generic responses. No need to get into details; unless you're comfortable enough to divulge such sensitive information.

Also, when people know about the things you do for a living (or the things that you don't), there’s a tendency that some will associate you with your earnings, treating you better knowing that you are well-off or otherwise when you’re not. With this, you might want to keep an air of mystery with regards to your finances. It doesn’t matter if you’re still building your fortune or have already started doing so. Keeping it under the radar avoids bitterness, comparison, or competition of any sort.

3.) Your next move

Whether you’re planning to change your career path, scale your business, or purchase a hot property, it’s wise to keep your lips sealed. Only discuss big plans with trusted friends and relatives who you know will be happy for you once you achieve your goals. Your instinct will tell you who these people are, and they’ll listen to you, support you, and provide assistance to help you accomplish your life goals.

While it’s tempting to make announcements about your major moves and great visions, it would feel more rewarding if you work hard in silence and let success make the noise later on (as the popular quote suggests). Sometimes, others’ energy of doubt or disbelief in you may affect your progress. Not everyone who greets you has pure intentions, and there will also be those who wouldn’t want to celebrate with you during your victories. Having said that, it would be smart to stay quiet when it comes to your next moves and plans. Confide in people you genuinely trust.

What are the other things that you want to keep private?


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