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Kyowa Coffee Maker KW-1220 | A Kitchen Staple

Are you a java junkie who prefers to start the day with a cup of Joe?

If yes, hello there! We'll be talking about this coffee maker from Kyowa today. It's a lightweight device that can produce five cups of your favorite blend. It’s the classic KW-1220 model, which you can now purchase online from the comforts of your own home.

Product: Kyowa Coffee Maker KW-1220

I normally use a french press or a moka pot to make my coffee. I like how both methods give me a good experience each time and how they’re easy to maintain. But since my husband kept insisting that I get another appliance for my cuppa, he got me this. I actually had three brands to choose from; Imarflex, Kyowa, and Brikk. I initially thought of getting Imarflex (because they had more displays on the shelving), but since Kyowa is a trusted Asian brand that lives up to its reputation, I went for it. We've used some of their products before so I guess that was a factor in my decision-making.

Packaging & Product Description

The coffee maker comes in a thick plastic bag, with the carafe covered in bubble wrap. The packaging is very sturdy, and the box is safe to reuse for travel. See photo below for reference:


0.6 Liters/ 5 Cups Capacity

Anti-Drip Function

Long-Life Permanent Filter

Heat-Resistant Glass Carafe

Removable Accessories

Affordable Coffee Options 🛒 BC Barako Coffee 250g: 🛒

🛒 BC Coffee Kapeng Robusta 1kg: 🛒


Voltage: 230Va.c. 60Hz

Power: 600 Watts

I’ve been using this machine for two (2) months now, and so far, so good. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and has a standard design that allows it to look good in any setup.

How to Clean

To clean the permanent filter and the brew basket, take both parts out and wash it with soap and warm water. The rest, you can just wipe with a cloth. Be careful with cleaning your unit to avoid electrical damages due to water.

Price & Availability

We got this one from Landers for only ₱999.00, but you can also find it in leading department stores nationwide or online.

🛒 Order your own Coffee Maker on Lazada: 🛒
🛒 Order your own Coffee Maker on Shopee: 🛒


For less than a thousand pesos, I think this product is a great buy, especially if you have a lot of coffee drinkers in your household. As mentioned earlier, it can create up to five cups, which I find useful when entertaining guests (my french press and moka pot are both personal sized).


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