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An Eventful Month It Has Been

I’m sure most of you will agree that we all had a lot going on this May aside from our daily activities. It seems to be the busiest time in the second quarter. For today’s post, I will share about my life lately.

Life-Givers’ Day and May Celebrants

Where would we be without our moms?

If not for their sacrifices, we would not be able to reach our dreams. If not for their guidance, we would be lost. Simply put, we would be nothing without them, literally. With this, I would like to greet my life-giver once again; Happy Mother's Day, Mama! Syempre batiin ko ulit kasi lagi sya nagbabasa ng blog ko 😁 Hello also to my mother-in-law, belated Happy Mother's Day po ulit.

Beautiful mother holding flowers

My mom is the best. We love her beyond words. She is one of the most selfless persons that I know. Her love for us is unconditional, but she does not tolerate our wrongdoings. She reprimands us if needed, then forgives. Pinapalo pa kami ng belt dati kapag matigas ulo naming magkapatid, o kaya minsan alfombra. Pero ineexplain naman nya anong mali sa ginawa namin pagkatapos. Like my dad, mama has sacrificed a lot for us, and has always considered us when making decisions. She is truly the light of our home. ❤️


Both Betina and Fatima (my departed sister) celebrated their birthdays in May. We had a relaxing Thanksgiving dinner to celebrate Bet's special day, then went to the cemetery days after to visit Fatima's grave. Though she's no longer with us, we always feel her presence and guidance, especially during times of uncertainty. She's our angel.

At the cemetery with flowers and candles

See that photo below with us having dinner? Two cats kept on trying to jump on our table after that. Naamoy yata nila yung pagkain haha. The restaurant was full, so we had to sit outside, which was not a problem, except that we had to look after our meals and bags. Makukulit yung mga pusa. Maybe they were also hungry.

Family having dinner together | Philippines | Seda | Estancia

L-R: Dinner at Estancia, merienda at Seda Hotel

More Adulting

Hubs and I moved around a lot during the first two weeks of the month, mostly to run errands and visit different offices in one day. I also went to the BIR to update my marital status and process my documents, both of which required patience but were hassle-free because of the helpful officers. I was happy with our RDO’s service because they were accommodating.

We dedicated the rest of our days to working, bonding with my family, and unwinding in nearby establishments. The weekends were, of course, for attending mass, cooking something nice, and watching movies (or Korean bbq).

Romantic Baboy Unlimited Korean BBQ | Photos of beef and pork cuts, with vegetables and sauces
Yummy Samgyupsal for dinner

Kapag lumalabas nag iingat parin kami sa CoVid. Bumigat na nga yung bag ko sa kung anu anong mga gamit na dinagdag ko eh haha. Merong extra tissue, wipes, alcohol, safety pins, band-aids, rosary, power bank, bottled water, and [crushed] crackers. Sobrang tita mode na, ang kulang nalang White Flower. I also bring a shawl with me sometimes.

Carnival at Landers in Arcovia City, Megaworld | Vikings Ride | Pasig City
L-R: Vikings ride (super bright and taas), cute stuffed toy claw machines

Live, love, laugh

One of my work friends, to whom I’ve been sending personal photos, asked me, “why are you not uploading these online?”. She was referring to the pictures I was sending her na ang ganda daw ng kuha (pwede pang aura) o nakakakilig daw (with Hubs). I said I'll upload some of it another time. Nagppost naman ako dito sa blog ng personal entries (tulad ngayon), and sa IG din minsan when I reinstall, so di naman entirely wala hehe. It’s just that I don’t do it as often as before and don’t upload as much.

One important lesson I have learned while navigating adulthood is the value of protecting my energy. The same goes for the goals, things, and people I value the most. Limiting my activity on social media is my way of doing that. Just because I don't post every day doesn't mean nothing is going on in my life. And just because others post every day doesn't mean that it's wrong. It all depends on one's preference and line of work. 🌺

Roommates' Ganap

My roommates (all from the South) sent me this lovely photo of them with Dana’s daughter Ellie at a restaurant when they met up. They tried video calling me on Messenger, but I was outside when they called, and the signal was weak. So chat chat na muna. I miss them like I miss my other friends (hirap maging malayo minsan). We’ve lived together for years, and I will always treasure the fun moments we had as college dormers. These faces were the faces I woke up to before going to class and after a long day. Ayan tignan nyo po sila sa baba (left), ang babait tignan diba 😸

Four girls smiling for a photo | Korean ice cream | Venice Grand Canal Taguig | Black Scoop Cafe Arcovia City
L-R Clockwise: 303 babies Dana, Mayana, and Kleya (with Dana's pretty daughter Ellie), Lotte's Crispy Crunchy Ice Bar in Strawberry (sarap promise), drinks at Horchata Hola Bola, milk tea at Black Scoop in Arcovia

Meet Ups

I had the chance to meet some friends, so I did. Yung mga nasa area muna kasi ang hirap bumyahe ngayon at maulan din. I went to the mall in the morning to get something done and stayed at a cafe while waiting for Jes. I ordered coffee and a chocolate croissant.

Girls hanging out at the mall | Satchmi Philippines | Lifestyle blogs Philippines
L-R: Coffee & croissant while waiting, and inside Satchmi with Jes

At around 2 PM, she came to pick me up then we went to Satchmi. That's also where we exchanged stories and all. I was happy to see Jes. She has been so generous. She deserves the best. 🥂 We were supposed to do karaoke in Timezone, but it was packed. Naglakad lakad nalang kami at kumain ulit.

Filipina girls at Satchmi and Burger King | Lifestyle blogs Philippines
L-R: At the listening room where we played a few vinyl records. Merienda at BK

Jes and I wrapped things up late in the afternoon. Hindi na sya nagpagabi para hindi rin sya maabutan ng malalang traffic (alam nyo naman). I then realized that my good friend Eloise works nearby, so I asked if she was available, and she was. We went to a coffee shop and picked up where we left off with our kwentong buhay.

Eloise is known for her fun personality, but more than that, she's a very strong woman. Amazing. Dami din namin napag usapan and we made the most out of the time we had. No silence at all. Kung hindi kami dumadaldal may pinagtatawanan kami hahaha. After hours of chatting, we walked together since we were heading in the same direction. Inabutan kami ng ulan. Pero dahil girl scout si Heloisey di kami nahirapan maglakad. Matibay din payong nya.

Girls having coffee at CBTL in SM Megamall, Ortigas

We parted ways at the other mall, where I was supposed to hail a ride to go home earlier. But it was so hard to book that even after an hour, I was still waiting. Namili muna ko ng gulay sa grocery. Then I just waited for my family members who were going home late that night. Lucky me, they were not far from where I was. Sinundo nalang ako. Thank God. Ang dami ko pa naman dala and pag nabasa ang mga paper bag magpupulot ako ng de oras.

That's Life Lately

My months are not always like this. My activities depend on where I am and the things I have to do. I wake up, work, cook, and do household chores during regular days.

I just realized that this post was quite lengthy. If you managed to stick around till the end, thank you! See you on my next post, take care.💞



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