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Mirror Studios in Pasig City | Is it Worth it?

If you're on a budget and need high-quality images for whatever purpose, the best option is to visit a self-portrait studio. From the term itself, it is one in which you take the photos (basically a selfie studio with better equipment).

The concept is becoming more popular these days because of the experience that comes with it. Plus, if you are shy to pose in front of a photographer, this should not worry you because you only have to click a button to take your photos.

Going inside the studio

Mirror Studios Pasig

Just for fun and as part of our catching up, my friend Eloise and I booked two sessions at Mirror Studios in Pasig. We met for coffee, went to our shoot, then had dinner and drinks before parting ways. If you're interested in checking the studio out, here's some helpful information and photos for reference.

Self-Portrait studio in Pasig, Metro Manila | Lifestyle blogs Philippines


You can find Mirror Studios on the 2nd floor of the Rodil building along Capt. Henry Javier street (Pasig City). It is just across Ministop.

Where to Park & How to Commute

It’s highly accessible for locals, but even those from different cities won’t have a problem getting to the location because the landmarks make it easy to find. The closest would be Ministop and Estancia at Capitol Commons. If you’re bringing a car, I’d suggest parking at the mall and then walking to the studio. It’s close, anyway. You can pass through the East Wing (Camino Verde road) and keep going until you reach Capt. Henry Javier street. From there, turn right until you see Ministop, then cross over to the other side. That’s it.

Self-portrait studios in Pasig City | Mirror Studios | Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines | Beauty, Food, Travel

If you are commuting from SM Megamall or Robinsons Galleria: take an FX going to Pasig Palengke or Pasig Rotonda, then ask the driver to drop you off at Portico or Ministop along Capt. Henry Javier street. You will see the signage from there.


Eloise and I booked separate sessions, but we got to take friendship photos (in between our shoots), so that was fun. Here are some of them:

Filipina girl smiling for a photo | Self-portrait studios in Pasig City | Lifestyle Blogs Philippines | Beauty, Food, Travel

I got the basic package called Lumina, then just added 350.00 PHP to get all the soft copies.

How’s the Place Like | The Setup

The reception has warm interiors and is bigger than the first one I visited. They also have good music playing throughout.

2 Filipina girls posing for a photo | Maltese | Photo studios in Pasig City Metro Manila | Lifestyle Blogs Philippines | Beauty, Food and Travel

The shooting area is just as spacious. You can comfortably move and store your things in the open storage area. Props are also available; they have stools, shades, and balloon numbers. On top of this, they have a clothes rack and a mirror for your outfit check.


For the packages, they currently have Lumina, Chroma, and Spectra. Please see below for the details (information taken from their booking form).

  • Lumina- for 1 to 2 pax, 20-min shooting time, fog White backdrop, 4 polaroid prints, and 10 digital copies;

  • Chroma- good for 1 to 2 pax, 25-min shooting time, fog White backdrop, 6 polaroid prints, 2 film strips, and 15 digital copies;

  • Spectra- good for 1 to 4 pax, 25-min shooting time, fog White backdrop + another color of your choice, 4 film strips, 1 postcard, 20 edited soft copies.

Self-portrait studio in Pasig City | Food, Travel, Beauty, and Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines
My friend's pet, Rain

Our Experience | Others

My friend and I had a good time, so we recommend this studio to those who would like their self-portrait and group photos taken. Below are some other things you should know:

  • There are free candies and chocolates you can munch on while waiting for your turn in the waiting area;

  • They have a clean bathroom complete with hand soap and tissue if you need to pee or change your clothes;

  • Speaking of outfit changes, they are considerate of time and can pause the timer if you have two outfits (you can change in the restroom).

Now, to answer the question on the title: is it worth it? I'd say yes.

That’s it for today.

xx Andi


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