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5 Simple Ways to Cope with Stress

You know what they say; stress is a killer, and they didn't create that phrase for no reason. If left unmanaged, stress can make someone feel anxious or depressed. It can also manifest in the form of sickness. Not to mention that the effects also spill over to your performance at work and relationships. With this, it's crucial to have good coping mechanisms to avoid reaching that point.

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A mental wellness survey from Rakuten Insight in May 2022 reveals that in the Philippines, 63% stated that they had increased feelings of stress and anxiety in the past 12 months (that's more than half of the respondents). If you have chronic stress, I hope the simple strategies below help you manage it better.

Different Ways to Cope with Stress

1 Rest Intentionally

Lying down and scrolling on your feed or binge-watching YouTube videos does not count (as these are passive activities). Intentional resting entails freeing yourself from distractions and being mindful of rest; this can be challenging at first, but it's more restorative, and you will see the difference yourself.

2 Catch up With Your Friend/s

Take the time to meet with your good friends and bond over coffee or snacks. It’s relaxing to be around peers. You can cheer each other up, have a great time, and create happy hormones together. Of course, it is important to be around the right company. Make sure you invest time and confide only in the people you trust.

Creative hobbies for stress relief

3 Do Something Creative

Expressing yourself through creativity is proven therapeutic and beneficial to the brain. Partake in activities that are imaginative or artistic. It can be as simple as making a vision board, playing an instrument, or doing any DIY project. You can also do some repairs at home if that's something that interests you. It will take your mind off of your worries and boost your concentration skills.

4 Be Mindful with Your Breathing

Doing a breathing exercise is the easiest thing you can do wherever you are, and it works; there are various techniques you can try to help with your anxiety or release stress. An example of this is the box technique (also known as 4-4-4-4) which is so easy. To do this, inhale as you count to four slowly, hold your breath for four seconds, exhale as you count to four again, then hold for four seconds before starting the cycle again.

5 Write it Out

Writing is a form of release and is the perfect outlet if you're uncomfortable speaking to anyone about the things that bother you. Get a journal or a pad, find a quiet space, and let your thoughts flow through writing. What's great about this is that you can let your thoughts and emotions out without worrying about being judged by others.

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Stress is a part of life and isn't always a bad thing; a term called "eustress" refers to the positive kind of stress that gets you excited to fulfill a task (an example is when you undertake a great project you've always wanted). If this is the type you are having, it can work to your advantage. But if you are experiencing a great deal of stress that is making you feel depressed or is starting to affect your breathing, well-being, and productivity, please see a mental health professional.

That would be all for today's topic on how to cope with stress, be sure to check out the other articles on the blog page, thank you. Stay safe and hydrated!


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