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5 Tips to Stay Productive while Working from Home

The global pandemic has brought about a lot of sudden changes in our lives, one of which is the shift to a work from home setup. While that's convenient in so many ways, it has its cons. These include the decrease in social connection, internet problems, or difficulty in sustaining performance, due to working in a living environment. Since prolonged isolation comes with mental health effects, it’s normal to feel exhausted or unmotivated at times. Even freelancers can’t stay in the house for too long, too, hence the regular trips to coffee shops or co-working spaces (which also isn't possible at the moment because of coronavirus). With that, here are some ways on how you can stay productive while working from home:

Revisit your “Why”

Anytime you feel down or lacking in motivation, just revisit your “Why” in life. Your “Why” refers to the goals and inspirations that drive you to do the things that you do. It could be your family, your partner, your life goals, or your dream house, among many others. These could also be the ones on your vision board, or your mission statements. Reminding yourself of why you started in the first place will keep you going in the right direction (with increased motivation).

Have a dedicated work space at home

Having a dedicated workstation at home will help you focus better. It’s not easy doing your usual office job at home. The house is a comfortable space where we rest or do household chores, so you’ll most likely find it hard to focus because it's not conducive for working, not unless you've effectively worked from home before. Use an old room, or look for a quiet nook where you can set up your home workstation. This way, you can get into the zone without having to worry much about distractions that you would, otherwise, have to put up with if you worked in the bedroom or the living room.

Organize your schedule ahead of time

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Save time by organizing your tasks before the next week starts. You can do this by writing down all your weekly tasks first, then organizing them in your planner. You’ll have a better view of your time, and make better use of it too. If planners aren't your thing, you can always download printable planning sheets like the ones below.

Printable planners from Manifest Designs Co on Etsy

Remember to take a few breaks

Overworking can lead to mental exhaustion, take a few breaks every once in a while. Take a quick walk, grab a drink, or watch a funny video. Let your mind loosen up a bit, then go back to your tasks with a refreshed mind.

Commit to your schedule to avoid procrastination

It will be pointless to create a schedule if you don't commit to it. Sure, it’s not always easy to do that when you’re at home (and can just lie down anytime you want), but you’ll surely get the hang of it, it’s only a matter of time and effort. Avoid procrastination and by performing your work responsibilities as organized. Then, enjoy your free time as you wish.

That would be all for today, thanks for reading and have a great week ahead! ♥ Andi


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