Guard your Mind

Everyday we’re being conditioned and programmed the way “they” want us to be. “They” can be anyone; our parents, friends, the society, the people we work for, etc., but in this post, we'll talk about the different kinds of media that surround us everyday: print, radio, television, and new media. We'll keep this short. One can never deny the (good or bad) effects of media, and that's because it's omnipresent these days. You turn on the television for news, you listen to music when you're bored, and you surf the web or stay on social media when there's not much to do. Media is just everywhere. If you're consuming positive content, then there should be no problem. But if you find yourself consuming the other kind (most especially those that promote violence or objectification of women), you might want to rethink your viewing choices. The music we listen to and the shows we watch affect our perceptions and decision-making. Our minds are always taking in and processing information from various sources.

Guard your mind from negative content and be picky with what you consume with regards to music, books, and entertainment (the same goes for social media). Just think of it as an invisible pair of hands silently molding you either into something less of the great person you are, or into becoming a better person (if you choose the right materials). The effects of the media we take in might seem harmless, but it does affect us in many ways we're not aware of. Be a responsible media consumer ♥

Now that you’re aware of this, do yourself a favor; be picky with the content you consume, and be the one to inject positive messages to yourself. You can do this by writing affirmations, or by setting intentions. Choose love, happiness, peace, unity, abundance, and wisdom.

Choose all the great and positive things in your life, you deserve it! ♥

“If you do not control your mind, someone else will do it for you”

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