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How to Update your Marital Status with the BIR

Updating your IDs, bank records, and legal documents may seem like a lot of work to do after getting married, but it’s best to do them right away to avoid confusion or possible minor issues later on. Today, I’ll let you know how to update your marital status in the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR). No worries because it’s an easy process.

How to Update Your Marital Status with the BIR

Before we continue, please make sure that you know your *Revenue District Office (RDO) and its address. It would also help if you know your RDO code.

*A Revenue District Office is a sector of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) responsible for keeping the records of taxpayers under its jurisdiction.

Change marital status from single to married | BIR Philippines

Requirements | What you Need to Get

  • A photocopy of your PSA marriage certificate;

  • A photocopy of any valid ID;

  • Two (2) copies of BIR Form 1905 for self-employed individuals, and BIR Form 2305 for employed taxpayers;

  • Taxpayer’s Information Sheet (which you can get from the BIR office).

→ To those who are submitting the BIR Form 2305, skip Part V. It’s for your employer.

→ To those who are submitting the BIR Form 1905, please see the bottom of this post for the items you have to accomplish.

You can print and answer your forms ahead of time by downloading the BIR Form 1905 here. You can also accomplish them in the office. They have printed copies available for those who are not able to print.

What to Do When you Get to the Office

  1. Get your number at the queueing station and ask for the Taxpayer's Information Sheet (it's just a piece of paper that asks for your basic information). Wait for your turn.

  2. While waiting, double-check your requirements as well as your forms. Go over the necessary items to see if you missed anything and sign the last page.

  3. Once it's your turn, present all the requirements and the Taxpayer's Information Sheet. The officer will input your details, then give you a stamped copy of your BIR Form 1905.

  4. Claim your new ID bearing your new last name within the day or the day after (it depends on the RDO). That’s it! No need to pay for anything.

How to update your marital status with the BIR

Items to Accomplish for Self-Employed Individuals Answering BIR Form 1905


  • 1 Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)

  • 2 RDO Code

  • 3 Contact Number

  • 4 Registered Name


  • 5 Replacement/Cancellation of Forms (tick the following boxes: D. Taxpayer Identification Card under Forms, and Correction/Change/Update of Registration of Information under Reason/Details

  • 6 Other Updates (tick Change of Civil Status, then proceed to number 9)

  • 9 Change of Civil Status (tick From Single to Married)- Accomplish the following fields: A. Old Name/Maiden Name, B. New Name/Married Name, C. Spouse Information, (don’t forget to indicate your partner’s TIN, and his employer’s TIN if he’s employed).

  • 12 Declaration - just sign the document above your printed name.

Again, there is no need to pay for anything. That’s it! Hope this helps. If it does, make sure to check out other posts on the blog. Stay safe and have a nice day.


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