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The World's Largest Frame is in the UAE | Dubai Frame

More than just another attraction- The popular Dubai Frame is a testament to the City of Gold's continuous progress.

It’s hard to miss this gigantic frame when you visit Dubai. Aside from its unique design -distinct from the rest of the skyscrapers- it also shimmers during the day and lights up at night.

Dubai Frame during the day and at night | Photos: Arnaud Martinez

Where to Find It

Address: Zabeel Park Jogging Track, Zabeel Park (Gate 4), Al Kifaf, Dubai

Where to Get Tickets

You can buy tickets at the main entrance or book them online. I suggest getting them online from Cobone or Headout to avoid lines.

The Dubai Frame at Zabeel Park | Photo: Yuriy Seleznev | Travel blogs in Asia

Inside the Largest Frame in the World

To get to the frame, you first need to go to Gate 4 to have your QR passes scanned. Entrance is free for People of Determination (UAE's official term for those with disabilities). The same goes for the person's two companions.

Zabeel Park Gate 4 | Dubai Frame
Zabeel Park Gate 4 (entrance for Dubai Frame visitors)

Once you arrive at the frame entrance, the ushers will guide you to the escalator that leads to the next floor; this is where the experience begins.

Dubai Frame main entrance | Zabeel Park
Outside Dubai Frame | Memento Vivere | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
For my outfit, I opted for something simple (guests are encouraged to dress modestly) | Plain Green shirt (one of my faves), Brown linen pants, Brown clogs, Brown hobo bag, and boho earrings

Traveling to Dubai, UAE | Dubai Frame

You’ll first walk through a mini-museum that shows what life in Dubai was like back in the day. You can watch the educational videos or look at the curated spaces depicting how their economy grew. This part of the experience was interesting because you will see how much planning and vision went into making the city the way it is today (remember that Dubai is a desert).

Life in Dubai (back in the day) | Dubai Frame blog review
Dubai Plan 1960 | The vision for Dubai | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi

At the end of the mini-museum is an elevator to take you to the main attraction- the observation deck at the top level (someone will be there to assist). Reaching the 48th floor takes 75 seconds, so you’ll be at the top shortly.

Dubai Frame | 48 floors high, 150 meters above ground
Dubai Frame observation deck (Level 48)
The observation deck, where you can enjoy majestic views, walk on glass, and take photos

The Past, Present, and the Future of Dubai

Visitors can look at the past, present, and future of Dubai. The structure offers a complete view of the city. Of course, the glass walk experience is a must.

There are three Smart Glass panels you can walk on, and I've got to admit, it was terrifying (in a good way). We weren't as high, and the walk wasn't as long as Sky Views Observatory, but the glass changes opacity.

Sky glass walk at the Dubai frame | Smart glass technology

What You See Depends on Where you Look

What I like about this attraction is the idea of having an open frame, where the image you see depends on where you look. So, one side shows the old Dubai in all its glory (representing the past), while the other presents the new Dubai, vibrant and thriving.

Old Dubai - view from the Dubai Frame
New Dubai- view from the Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame | The Structure

There is no doubt that the Dubai Frame is a modern architectural wonder. With this, it’s worth getting into some details about this monument.

The structure stands 150 meters above the ground and is gold-plated. What made it possible to form its frame exterior are the bottom and upper spans that connect the two towers. The bottom span is where you enter (the ground floor), while the upper part is the observation deck (it's actually a bridge that was attached to the two towers).

Outside Dubai Frame | Fountain Area | Zabeel Park
Another photo outside 😊

Info below were obtained from World Construction Network

Materials used: glass, steel, aluminum, reinforced concrete, and triple-safety glass modules in Yellow Gold (for the facade) Main contractor: Al Rostamani Pegel

Consultant: Hyder Consulting

Glass module supplier: Onyx Solar

A Golden Rectangle Inspired by the Golden Ratio

The golden ratio, also known as the divine proportion, was a big inspiration behind the construction of the Dubai Frame.

Dubai Frame is inspired by the golden ratio | Golden rectangle

A Peek Into the City’s Future Plans

Once you finish soaking up views at the observation deck, you can take the elevator on the other side to get to the mezzanine floor; this is where you can watch the presentation about the city’s future plans (a must-see).

Dubai Frame | Future plans for Dubai
This was the last frame of the presentation

Before you exit and take the elevator going down to the exit, you can look at the mini gallery with information about the structure.

Mini gallery where you can learn more about the structure
Here is where you can learn more about Dubai Frame before exiting the building
Beautiful souvenir items are available as you exit the frame. They have really nice items

Reminders & Others

  • Observe modest clothing when you visit (this was also on their list of reminders);

  • There is no time limit for your stay once you get inside, but there are time slots for the experience. To make the most of your visit, I suggest going at least an hour before your scheduled booking so you can check out the park and have a stroll;

  • Heavy shoes, high heels, and the like are not allowed (I wore clogs when we went to the Dubai frame, and I had to remove my shoes before walking on the glass panels- which was also fun hehe);

  • There are small stalls on the top floor where you can get snacks and drinks;

  • There are restrooms near the gate entrance (inside the park) and on the observation deck;

  • Have fun!


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