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Playing the Best Business and Money Games for Kids

As I was looking up money hacks and other ways to earn online, I came across an opportunity to try some business and money games, all of which left me feeling relaxed and mentally sharper.

It’s from MortgageCalculator.Org, a safe website that offers free mortgage and loan amortization calculations. I thought it was cool that they had a gaming section.

Well, the games are actually for children. They are fun, colorful, and the educational concepts are simplified. But kids at heart can play too. You can still benefit from them because the games can improve your judgment skills and boost your imagination.

Here are the best ones I’ve tried:

Wind & Solar

If you want something light, try Wind and Solar.

Free online games from MortgageCalculator.Org | Wind & Solar Environmental Game | Blog Review | Philippine Blogs

The goal is simple: to generate as much electricity within the given time. There are two things you have to do simultaneously to achieve this. (1) Keep the solar panel under the sun by dragging it as the weather changes. (2) Catch the air by moving the wind turbine in its direction (also by dragging it).

Supermarket Numbers

If you want to brush up on your basic arithmetic skills, I highly recommend Supermarket Numbers. What you need to do here is to click on the correct number blocks that, when totaled, would correspond to the number on the left (your goal).

Free online games from MortgageCalculator.Org | Supermarket Numbers | Online Math Games for Kids | Blogs in the Philippines

Note that as you level up, the number blocks drop faster (this means you have to keep up and think of the equation quicker too).

Real Estate Tycoon

The last one on our list is my favorite. It's called Real Estate Tycoon (I played this before). The goal is to reach your target profit by buying and selling properties. It's a simple game, but it can do wonders for boosting your alertness because monitoring the prices drop and soar requires full attention.

Free online games from MortgageCalculator.Org | Real Estate Tycoon | Business and Money Games Online for Kids

You can choose from any of the three modes:

  • Career Mode- you start with a balance of $150, have a time limit of 5 minutes, and a mission to earn $1,000

  • Time Trial Mode- you start with a balance of $100, have a time limit of 10 minutes, and a mission to earn $20,000

  • Endless Mode- this one's pretty self-explanatory, play as long as you like (this game can be addictive)

Free online games from MortgageCalculator.Org | Real Estate Tycoon Online Game | How to Play

So here’s how it goes: the game starts with houses and buildings popping up within the area. These only appear for a few seconds. It is up to you to buy, wait, or sell before they disappear. The basis of your decision will be the numbers on top of the properties that indicate their increasing or decreasing value (they constantly change).

You only have to monitor, buy, and sell throughout. The best part is that as the game progresses, you get to deal with higher-value properties and put your memory and awareness skills to the test.


→ Watch the speed of the numbers going up and down. Before the price drops or soars, the numbers move slower. That is your cue.

Staying Sharp and Having Fun

Children's minds are like sponges. They absorb everything they see, hear, feel, or touch. They also learn to make connections as they go on; this is where these educational simulation games come into play. Since the challenges imitate real-world scenarios, it allows kids to develop their imagination and understand abstract concepts in a fun way. It also allows them to discover their strengths and interests.

The Best Business and Money Games Online

What I’ve shared with you are just some of the dozens of games from MortgageCalculator.Org's website. Click here to check out other options. They have the best business and money games. The site is safe, so again, no worries. That would be all for today guys, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy!


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