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Colorful Sunsets and Watching Snowdrop

If a sunrise represents the dawn of a new day, a sunset symbolizes its completion.

Back in the old days, when life was not as fast-paced, the sunset was the cue to rest. Watching it was a form of relaxation to prepare for the coming day. And since it was a different time, people did not rush to meet deadlines or beat the traffic during sundown. It’s amusing. They were more in sync with nature: working with the moon phases, the agricultural cycle, or the four seasons.

We all read about it in books, but sometimes I wonder what it was like for them without all the advancements we have today.

Beautiful sunset in Ilocos Sur, Ilocos Region, Philippines

Soaking Up the Sunset

The photo below was taken weeks ago after a long week in front of the computer. I was lying down on the recliner chair and enjoying the view when my husband told me that the rays of the sunset were shining on my skin, so he took a photo. Had I not been sleepy, I would've done a better pose lol. Tumayo pa sana ako hahaha. Lakas maka-bloom nung natural light, medyo Orange pa yung kulay. Kita mo naman pati ugat ko sa paa visible lol.

Things happen twice- first, in your mind, then, in reality | Filipina girl relaxing by the beach | beautiful sunset

What an afternoon that had been. My eyes stung from too much screen time, and I missed the physical company of family and friends. I love working from home, but there are moments when I long for those times when my officemates and I would go to the pantry together. Or when we’d spend after-hours dining or shopping. Wala lang, mas masarap magkwentuhan. Ngayon kasi I feel out of the loop minsan. We live far from everyone, and my notifications are off, so I read messages a bit late. Bumabawi nalang ako pag nag video call or nagkita kita ganun hehe

Hmmm...what else?

Beautiful colors | Love the combination (Pink, Purple, and Orange)

Watching Snowdrop (K-Drama)

I started watching Snowdrop a few days ago, and I'm on the 12th episode now. At first, I never thought I'd make it past three episodes because initially, I was only curious to see Jisoo's performance (I like Jisoo!), but the story got interesting. The show had more to it than a romantic storyline; it touched on societal issues and had interesting characters with varying backgrounds. Nakaka-dala din sya kasi lagpas 1 hour per episode, so ang dami na agad ganap and may kwento naman kaya mas nakakawili. Jisoo is so good! Galing nya umiyak. I also like the characters of Go Hye-ryeong and Yeo Jeong-min.

Bun-ok was not the most likable character because of her attitude. To those who haven't watched the show, she's a telephone operator inside a girls' dormitory. Since she came from poverty and couldn't go to college, she envied the students, which led her to be mean and selfish. She even stole valuables from the students. But honestly, I felt sorry for her in the episode where she expressed her longing to get a formal education, and how she doesn't feel bad for wanting things that others take for granted.

Snowdrop K-Drama Poster | Blog
One of Snowdrop's promotional posters

The 80's setting made everything feel nostalgic and aesthetically pleasing; the fashion was great, and so were the set designs or venues where they shot scenes for the show.

Promotional photo | Snowdrop | K-Drama

Tapos, nag-iisip ako ba’t parang familiar yung fellow Northern spy ni Soo-ho…yun pala sya din yung sa Business Proposal! Iba lang hairstyle nya dito sa Snowdrop (and lagi syang galit). Wala lang hehe. Hmm. Refreshing din to see Yoo In-Na to play the role of Dr. Kang. I've watched her in the show Queen and I before, and it's good to see her again in this K-Drama. Since it only has 16 episodes, I might finish the series next week (or earlier).

I guess that would be all for today. Stay safe and take care!


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