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Old Manila Coffee House | Robinsons Galleria

Inside Robinson’s Galleria is a vintage-looking coffee shop; a break from the mall's modern setup, and away from the noise of people talking. You can find it on the third level, near Comic Odyssey and the RC racing tracks. It doesn’t stand out like the other cafes, but you’ll notice it when you see the homey interiors and wrought iron chairs.

The place is called Old Manila Coffee House.

Old Manila Coffee House in Robinsons Galleria

Old Manila Coffee House | Level 3 Robinson's Galleria
This is how it looks like from the outside

It's a cafe and restaurant that takes inspiration from (you guessed it right) the beauty of Old Manila. We immediately felt at home upon entering the establishment. It gave me that "visiting a relative's house" vibe. You'll see frames with old photos and maps hanging on their striped vintage walls. It's also full of Browns, as you can see.

Old Manila Coffee House | Level 3 Robinson's Galleria
Plenty of chairs and tables for everyone


Since it’s hidden, you can work comfortably with fewer distractions as long as your device is fully charged (there are no sockets). There are enough tables for everyone, and it can also serve as a venue for conducting simple meetings.


You can find plenty of options from the menu. They offer rice meals, pasta, sandwiches, cold drinks, and coffee. Biscuits and chocolates are available at the counter as well. If you plan to visit, I suggest you check the whole menu first and see if there's anything else you'd like because they have a 10% charge on top of your bill for every transaction.

Old Manila Coffee House Menu | Level 3 Robinson's Galleria
There's a drink menu on the other side but I wasn't able to take a photo


The coffee was good; they paired it with biscuits on the side. For the Schüblig sausage, I would say it’s yummy, but I honestly would have preferred a Whopper meal instead. It took a while for them to serve it, and the meat was slightly undercooked. I'll just go for a sandwich next time, the Old Manila Clubhouse sandwich sounds delicious.

Cafe Latte with Biscuits | Old Manila Coffee House | Level 3 Robinson's Galleria
Latte with biscuits and sugar on a random afternoon

The Service

The service was good, and the staff members were accommodating. They were just a bit slow considering we were the only customers inside the store. I think they haven't been getting customers for a while, which was why they also looked at each other as if asking who would prepare the order. We didn't mind, though, because they were cheerful. Plus, we were just glad to find someplace quiet.

Old Manila Coffee House in Robinsons Galleria
Inside Old Manila Coffee House in Robinsons Galleria
View of the store from the counter


  • Only cash payments are allowed at the moment.

  • The temperature is just right, and there’s an old bathroom nearby if you have to pee. If you want to use a Japanese toilet, you can go to the pay restroom on the 2nd floor (East Wing), where you can pay twenty pesos for a pass.


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