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Level Up Your Movie Experience | Ortigas Cinemas

Going out to the movies is a popular recreational activity that many of us love. It's a classic date idea for couples, friends, and families. Sure, there is always the option to stream flicks online and chill at home, but it's also nice to go out sometimes and enjoy the good old movie experience.

Join me today as I visit Ortigas Cinemas in Pasig City.

Ortigas Cinemas at Estancia (Capitol Commons) | 4F Expansion Wing

Ortigas Cinemas at Estancia Mall

Estancia | Capitol Commons | Pasig City
Photos from the pages of Estancia, Capitol Commons
Ortigas Cinemas at Estancia in Capitol Commons

If you want to upgrade your viewing experience and don’t mind paying extra, check out Ortigas Cinemas inside Estancia in Pasig City. You can find it on the fourth level of the mall (East Wing).

Waiting area for customers | Estancia Ortigas Cinemas | Capitol Commons | Blog Review
4th floor. Waiting area for moviegoers. There are nearby restaurants where you can get food
Where to get popcorn | Ortigas Cinemas, Estancia | Capitol Commons

Regular Cinema

Their regular cinema offers generous legroom and dark Gray seats (with cushioned headrests) that recline when you push back. Of course, they also have cup holders. The seats are so relaxing that you can enjoy a good sleep and get comfy if you don't like the movie.

Elegant cinema design | Ortigas Cinemas, Estancia, Capitol Commons | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
Inside Ortigas Cinemas | Regular Movie Theater | Review | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
For reference, I stand 5'3 feet tall, and could stretch my legs fully

The Screening Room at Ortigas Cinemas

The Screening Room at Estancia Capitol Commons | Ortigas Cinemas Blog Review | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

The Screening Room is the upgraded version of their regular cinema. It has a separate entrance and waiting lounge.

What makes it different is that the seats are more comfortable (than the already comfy ones in the other theater). You can also recline the chairs and footrests individually using the built-in controllers. If you need anything, there is a call button that you can press for assistance.

The Screening Room | Ortigas Cinemas | Estancia, Capitol Commons | Blog Review

Low on battery? No problem! As long as you have your cord, you can charge while watching a movie.

The Screening Room | Estancia, Capitol Commons | VIP Movie Theaters in Metro Manila | Pasig City
"Enjoy the little things" | Ortigas Cinemas Blog Review | Estancia Capitol Commons | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi
Took a photo in front of Cinemas 1 & 2 | Love the quote behind me "enjoy the little things"

The Screening Room tickets come with popcorn and cold bottled water. The attendants will hand it to you as you enter.

Ticket Purchasing & Discounts

You can book online or get your tickets from the counter. Regardless, ticket purchasing is hassle-free. Note: Senior Citizen and PWD cards are only honored when you get your passes from the ticket counter (they are not valid when you book online as they need to see the IDs for verification purposes, so don't forget!).

Estancia Ortigas Cinemas | 4th Floor | Camino Verde Drive | Pasig City
Stylish ticket counter at Ortigas Cinemas | Estancia Capitol Commons

Free movie every week for Pasig City Senior Citizens and PWDs.

Please bring your senior citizen booklets po. hey are required to avail of the free movie ticket.

Ortigas Cinemas in Estancia, Capitol Commons, Pasig City | Free movie for seniors and PWD


  • It’s very cold inside both cinemas, be sure to bring your jacket (or even socks);

  • The Screening Room has restrooms inside the theater;

  • The regular cinemas don't have restrooms, but you can use the ones inside the mall (it's on the same floor). Estancia has clean, spacious, and fragrant toilets that are well-equipped.

E-Ticket counter | Ortigas Cinemas | Estancia, Capitol Commons | Pasig City
Ticket counter at Ortigas Cinemas | Estancia | Capitol Commons

Where to Eat or Get Coffee

The expansion wing has a lot of great cafe and restaurant options. Please see below for some:

Lower Ground Floor:

Cafe Dulcinea, Jamaican Pattie, Tiong Bahru, Le Reve Patisserie, Buca di Beppo, My Thai, Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

Buca di Beppo at Estancia in Capitol Commons

Ground Floor:

Italianni’s, Texas Roadhouse, Starbucks Reserve, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory, Botejyu, Southback Cafe + Lounge, James & Daughters, Denny’s

Where to eat at Estancia (East Wing) Capitol Commons

Second Floor:

101 Sandwich x 101 Korean Hotdog, Roti Shop

Third Floor:

Wu’s Kitchen, Blue Wonder Coffee, Naughty Nachos

That would be all for today, see you on the next post 😊


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