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Catching Up with Friends & Other Things

Hey there, happy to have you here! I hope all is well on your end.

The past few months flew fast. Only yesterday, we were celebrating Christmas, and now we're nearing the 3rd quarter of the year. It's fascinating how a lot of things can happen in a short time. I was constantly moving (to and from the city) in the past few weeks. At some point, it got tiring, but it's the good kind, so I didn't mind. I spent most of my time reflecting, delivering work for clients, doing household chores, going out for errands, and cooking for my family when I visited them.

Today, I'll share some photos, like I always would with any La La Life entry.

Feeling Like a Kid Again with these Snacks

As a kid, I enjoyed eating sweets. I would get a bunch of chocolates and hide them in my closet. Sour tapes, Choco Baby, and MikMik were my favorites, as well as the tiny puto sekos. But if I feel like having something else, I'd get Hello Panda or Super Tattoo (the bubblegum with free sticker tattoo). I never tried Koala's March until today. I didn't realize it was so good. What sets this apart from Hello Panda is that it has a thinner biscuit and a thicker filling (whereas HP has a thicker biscuit and creamier chocolate). I am kind of addicted to its taste at the moment. The characters also look cuter. Sarap nya try nyo.

Koala's March Chocolate Biscuits, Lotte | Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines

Catching up with Friends

Each time I go back to Manila to visit my parents, I try to hang out with closeby peers who are available to catch up over snacks (in the area where my husband and I are based, there are not many people our age and the setup is different).

My college friend Lulu is back in the Philippines! We met last year (less than 30 hours after she landed) to stop by our alma mater and relive some great memories. It was a relaxing day. We also made a VLOG. Nothing interesting, just us walking around lol. Since that was during the holidays, we didn't see a lot of students or professors inside the campus. It felt nostalgic to be there, though. I enjoyed my college life, so visiting the place that helped mold me as a person would always excite me.

Catching up with one of my college besties/roomie
Filipinas smiling for a photo | DLSU D | Le Delice Snack & Deli

My other college friend Karla, who happens to be in town for the weekend, was available, so we had a coffee date at the mall. She had two coffees and a glass of fresh juice, while I had three coffees. We were caffeinated. It was a good day, and I'm glad she was able to come. The last time I saw her was during our friend Hapy's wedding in 2020. Medyo matagal narin dibaa.

Caerus Coffee | Life Lately | Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines | Coffee Shops at The Podium

Since Eloise lives close by, I make it a point to contact her each time I return to Pasig so we can meet. We usually go out for coffee and get something to eat, but last week, we took her dog Rain to the pet salon, then met with my husband before riding Go Karts and the (big) Viking. Tita mode na kami hahaha. Di na namin keri na isa isahin yung rides sa perya lol. We were seated on the second to the highest row. It was intense sigaw kami ng sigaw haha. The ship wasn't entirely occupied as well, so it felt more weightless.

Fun the City Carnival (Perya) at Arcovia City, Pasig City | Life Lately | Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines | Landers Arcovia

Now we go to the Theas. At present, I have three Thea friends, two of which are the ones in the photo below. I met Thea 1 (left) at work when I was working as a research analyst. Our friendship started when we were assigned to be seated in the same area. We naturally became close and stayed friends ever since. Si Thea ang kasama ko mag Watson's, 7/11, or Dunkin haha.

We met at the mall on a weekday evening. We had dinner and exchanged stories while having coffee.

Filipinas smiling for a photo | Lifestyle Blogs in the Philippines | The Podium | Life Lately

Thea 2 (right) was my classmate from UA&P. We took Political Economy and were in the same classes for the most part; this was before I left graduate school and discontinued pursuing my master's degree for other things. It was nice seeing Thea. Ang sipag at ang galing nito sa pag manage ng time nya. She's only staying for a few more weeks before she flies out for work, so it's good we were able to meet.

So there. Thank God for the gift of wonderful people. It was nice catching up with friends.

Other Things

Except for my page (where I share published articles), I have not been the most active on Facebook and Instagram. For the longest time, I enjoyed the benefits of the whole social media detox thing. It actually works.

Sunset in the city from a high-rise building

It sounds a bit weird, but once you get used to not posting regularly on IG, that gets addictive too. That is why now, I'm trying to be comfortable with slowly easing back into using social media again. It would be nice to share a few things, including some articles from this blog. I do my best to write quality content, and I'd like to reach more people who might find inspiration or valuable information in my little space on the internet.

Thank You

If you made it to the end of this post, thank you 💕 I appreciate your time.


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