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Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Packages Mall (PK)

Butlers Chocolate Cafe is an Irish-owned business that specializes in luxury chocolate-making. It was founded in Dublin back in 1932 by the Sorensen family. They opened their first cafe in the same city in 1998 and have been operating since.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe

I saw this lovely chocolate store while visiting Packages Mall in Lahore and dropped by to try their coffee. I ordered an Americano and was happy with the serving. It tasted great, and their regular size was equivalent to that of a large one in the Philippines. Keep reading to learn more about this cafe.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe's logo | Packages Mall, Lahore Pakistan
Their logo looks so elegant. I like how it fits well with the store's interiors

The Vibe | Is it nice?

The place is elegant. It has a classy interior that gives off a chill vibe. You'll see a lot of Black and Gold accents. The seats are also comfortable; I didn't see anyone worrying about imbalanced chairs or tables. I'm not sure how long it has been there, but it looks well-maintained. You can tell from the glass surfaces that they clean it regularly.

Butlers Chocolate Cafe Review | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
How it looks like from the outside (it's on the 2nd floor)

In addition, there were enough seating areas to accommodate customers without leaving little space for walking. It didn't feel crowded.

Inside Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Lahore Pakistan
View from the middle area of the store, it looks cleaner in person

The Service | Are they accommodating?

The service was commendable. Everyone was helpful and attentive, especially to us dine-in customers. I appreciate that they also asked if there was anything else we needed while having coffee.

On my first visit, I thought I had to go to the counter to place my order, but as it turns out, it’s restaurant-style. All you need to do is look for a seat when you enter, then wait for the waiter to take your order. You have the option to pay before or after your meal.

Filipina girl smiling inside a chocolate cafe in Lahore
L-R Enjoying my dine-in coffee | My takeout drink & the free premium chocolate they gave me, how thoughtful

The staff of Butlers can speak good English, no need to worry about communication barriers. The only time we had difficulty communicating in Pakistan was when we visited some local stores whose sellers only speak Urdu, but the rest were fine.

The Price | How Much for a Cup of Coffee?

One cup of Americano is 400 PKR (around 100 pesos in Philippine currency, depending on the exchange rate). I think that’s reasonable given that they have an extensive menu and a well-maintained store. Most places that look like this in Manila would cost you at least PhP 145 for a smaller cup.

Cafe Americano at Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Packages Mall
Getting my caffeine fix...looking back, I should have tried their cakes and milkshakes

Curious about their other beverages and meal options? You can check out this link: 2022 Menu Butlers Chocolate Cafe

What Else?

  • You can find Butlers Chocolate Cafe in Packages Mall on the second floor, near Khaadi;

  • I heard they have a much nicer branch in Karachi (Zamzama Commercial Area);

  • They don't have powdered creamers available. If you want your drink creamy, feel free to ask for hot milk, and they will serve it in a fancy little paper cup.

Filipina girl with Pakistanis at Packages Mall in Lahore, Pakistan
Made some new acquaintances =) We had a brief chat, they are so sweet

My Experience

I would love to visit again when we return to Pakistan, or maybe check out the one in Dublin if we get the chance (Lord baka naman, hehe). With its great ambiance, commendable customer service, and hospitality (the chocolatier gave me free premium chocolate on my second visit), it’s a 10/10.


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