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A Taste of Bacha Coffee | Seville Orange Drip Coffee

This month, my sister went to Singapore for Taylor Swift’s concert, so I requested her to get me a box of Bacha coffee while she was there. I checked online for options and went with the Seville Orange drip coffee variant. She ended up giving it to me as a gift (hehe, thank you, sister!) 🤗 

Bacha actually has a proper cafe. My sister said the coffee they served was delicious. You might want to try it when you visit (I would love to when we visit next time). 

The Brand | Getting to Know Bacha Coffee

So here it is; a box of 12 drip coffee bags (Arabica).

Bacha Fine Flavoured Coffee | Seville Orange Coffee Bags

According to their website, Bacha Coffee originated in Marrakech, Morocco, in the 1900s when they opened Dar El Bacha palace, where respected personalities gathered over Arabian coffee.

Some of their memorable guests included Charlie Chaplin, Josephine Baker, and Winston Churchill. This spot closed after the Second World War and was revived only in 2017- but it made a proper comeback. They did some serious restoration, painting, and decor work; the rest is history.

Bacha Drip Coffee & Packaging

Bacha Coffee has plenty to offer aside from its coffee bags. They also have coffee grounds, beans, gift sets, accessories, and even candies, all of which come in excellent packaging.

Bacha Fine Flavoured Coffee Box Seville Orange | V3 Gourmet

And speaking of the packaging, why don't we talk about it first? I think you'd agree it looks majestic. The paper bag, coffee box, and coffee packets are regal with all the fancy fonts and gold-foil prints. Even the ribbon, receipt holder, and instructional guide follow the theme. It's interesting. Opening the package is an experience in itself. 

Bacha Coffee's signature Blue ribbon for the coffee boxes

I mean, look at that. The upper portion of the box looks like a mini ballroom hall when opened, lol. There's so much effort put into the details.

Bacha Coffee Moroccan Design Packaging

These are individually wrapped and are perfect to bring to the office or when you travel. They come in stylish packets, too. You are paying for the branding, hehe. TWG Tea and Bacha coffee fall under the same gourmet lifestyle company, V3 Gourmet, hence the same vibes. We have a TWG Tea Boutique here in Manila, but not Bacha.

Bacha Coffee from Singapore | From Marrakech, Morocco | Arabica

🛒 Want to try it? You can order them from Kopi Mania PH on this link

Taste & Aroma 

Now, the real question is, is it good? The answer would depend on the flavor you pick and your preference. I can only speak about the flavors I tried- Happy Gianduja and Seville Orange. Happy Gianduja tasted good, like other Hazelnut coffees in the market.  

How to use Bacha coffee bags

I liked the Orange one better. It's something different from my usual brew. It is light and flavorful, really zesty. In Bacha Coffee's scale, this falls under the mildest range.


  • Each bag contains 12 grams of 100% Arabica coffee; 

  • Recommended water for one serving is 180mL;

  • Seville Orange is very fragrant. 

Left: Individual coffee sachet & receipt holder | Right: Coffee booklet with information about their flavors

Would I recommend it?

If you are curious to try their coffee or are simply a fan of exquisite design and packaging, yes. If you already happen to be in one of the countries where they have a shop, it doesn't hurt to try (if you have time and it's within the budget). 


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