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A Splash of Joy at Aqua Planet in Pampanga

There are many ways to beat the heat. You can swim, stay in cool areas, or drink lots of water for total hydration. Another way is to visit a waterpark for rides and slides!

Today, I will walk you through one of the best spots to visit in Central Luzon for kids and adults alike. Let’s go!

Welcome to Aqua Planet! | This is where the waterventure begins | The best waterparks in the Philippines | Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga | Blog

Aqua Planet is the largest waterpark in the Philippines. You can find it in Pampanga, northwest of Manila.

Location | Where is Aqua Planet Located?

It is located inside Clark Freeport Zone, one of Luzon’s economic hubs known for its fun adventure areas, water parks, air force city park, five-star hotels, and historic sites.

Aqua Planet Address: Aqua Planet, Mabalacat, Clark Freeport, Mabalacat, Pampanga

Ticket Prices | Where to get Tickets

You can get your tickets online via KKDay and Klook or purchase your tickets there. Please see below for the current rates (for walk-in guests this 2023):

  • Weekdays: ₱1,080.00 for adults, ₱880.00 for kids

  • Weekends/Holidays: ₱1,280.00 for adults, ₱1,080.00 for kids

Book your Stay through Klook (Discounted Rates)

Aqua Planet in Clark, Pampanga (Philippines) | Book via Klook
Their operational hours are as follows:

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Open Daily except on Tuesdays

Aqua Planet adventure | Aqua Planet blog review Philippines

Entering the Park | Welcome to Aqua Planet!

Upon entry, attendants will approach you for a rundown of the park’s rules and regulations. After that, you can start loading your "planet bands" (aka RFID wristbands) for the food purchases you will be making inside (Aqua Planet has a cashless policy). You can then refund whatever amount is left before you leave the premises.

Going inside Aqua Planet | Clark Freeport Zone Pampanga, Philippines | Review

Cabana and Locker Rentals | Where do we leave our stuff?

If you have children coming with you, you might want to rent a cabana for the utmost comfort. They have air-conditioned ones close to the rides that you can avail of. You can also just rent a locker if you do not have a lot of bags and want to keep them safe.

Small and large locker rooms are available for those who would like to leave their valuables

Outfit | What to Wear?

Avoid loose-fitting clothes as they might pose a safety hazard. Opt for tight but comfortable swimwear to ensure you get on the rides comfortably without worrying about your outfit catching anything.

I wore a one-piece swimsuit from Coco Cabaña (SM Store) with Black cycling shorts.

One-piece swimsuit from Coco Cabana | My outfit for Aqua Planet
Love my trippy one piece swimsuit, nag pose narin ako hahaha
Here are some outfit ideas for your Aqua Planet adventure (with Shopee links)

Outfit ideas for your next Aqua Planet visit | One piece swimsuits Shopee
Simply click to purchase: 🛒 Bow Tie Sleeveless One Piece (sleeveless)

What to Bring:
  • Sunscreen

  • Extra clothes and drying towel

  • Slippers

  • Shades and a cap

Aqua Planet changing room | Aqua Planet Waterventure blog review
At the changing room with the sissy
Aqua Planet rides and slides | Mabalacat, Pampanga
Spacious grounds surrounded by trees. Photo from the Facebook page of Aqua Planet

Food Outlets | Where do we buy food?

There are several food outlets inside the park where you can buy snacks and drinks. They have sandwiches, ice cream, barbecue, coffee, and more. The only way to make your purchases is through your planet band. Just tap to pay.

We didn't have many photos inside because we left our phones in our locker (before going on the extreme rides). The food outlets are the red icons with a spoon and fork.

Aqua Planet Waterventure Map
For reference, here's a map from the website of Aqua Planet

If you want to chill and take a break, you can use the outdoor seating areas (all with umbrellas). You can also eat there.

Attractions | Where to Start

Aqua Planet has a total of 38 slides and attractions. I recommend starting with the Wave River, then, from there, feel free to check out the rest and have fun!

Rides inside Aqua Planet | Tornado, Hurricane, Octopus Racers, Wave River, etc.,
What to expect when you visit Aqua Planet (some photos from their Facebook page)

My Favorite Rides

The ones I enjoyed the most were the Hurricane ride, Tornado, and Octopus Racers.

I tried all the adult rides except for Aqua Loop, which looked extreme even from afar (it’s a 100-meter free fall that launches you into a 360-degree loop at lightning speed). My husband and cousin went for it; they said it was exhilarating.

The Superbowl was also fun. It's like a preparatory ride for Tornado. It's a must-ride for groups (of four). As for the Sky Shuttle, it was closed when we visited.

Anyway, here's a quick description of some of the attractions:

Wave River

Starting with the Wave River is a great way to prepare for the rides. It goes around the park and sets the vibe for the day’s adventure. It’s also relaxing to float around. Higa kalang, pikit, tapos muni muni ganun.

Wave River at Aqua Planet | Clark, Pampanga Waterparks | Philippines
A bird's eye view of the Wave River (photo from Aqua Planet's website)
Aqua Planet waterventure at Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga | North Luzon Philippines

Octopus Racers

I felt like the Octopus Racers had the highest flight of stairs we had to climb inside the park (equivalent to three to four floors). It's worth it, though. The slides were thrilling. You go through a few loops before it goes straight to the bottom.

Photo of Octopus Racers from the website of Aqua Planet
Photo of Octopus Racers from the website of Aqua Planet


Do you see the cone-shaped ride Aqua Planet would always share on their socials? That is called Tornado, a must-try. It's a four-person ride in which the water pushes your inflatable so you fall into the steep slide, then launches you to the large cone. Be sure to hold on tight! It gets hectic. Nung una takot pa kami, but after riding it twice, ang tatapang na namin bumalik lol. Naka lima pa kami kasi wala masyadong tao.

Tornado ride inside Aqua Planet | Blog review | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
This was our favorite! Really intense but fun | Photos from Aqua Planet's website


Want to try surfing? You can visit the FlowRider station, where you can learn the basics of balancing in waves in a controlled area. All you need to do is sign the waiver, fall in line, and wait for your turn. An instructor will guide you as you go through the waters. Actually, nagsi-balentong talaga kaming lahat dito, lakas ng pressure ng tubig. Pero masaya sya.


Aqua Planet’s staff are helpful and friendly. Many attendants assisted us and showed us where to go next based on the ride schedules when we couldn’t decide. The locals are accommodating and easy to talk to. I think they also love their jobs. They were joking around while helping us settle into the rides.

Hurricane ride inside Aqua Planet | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines
Photo of Hurricane from the website of Aqua Planet

Others/ Reminders:

  • Get ready to do a lot of walking since the place is massive, and the most tiring part is climbing up the stairs for the slides;

  • Some rides are available from 10 AM to 4 PM, while some follow a schedule. Please refer to the guide inside the park or ask any attendant inside;

  • Parking won’t be a problem because there are a lot of parking spaces in front of the park;

  • It gets hot during lunchtime, so stay hydrated;

  • If you’re going as a group, it is advisable to come in even numbers because the group rides are for twos and fours;

  • There are photographers around the park to take your photos, and you can have them printed before you exit the premises, but they are pricey.

That would be all for today. I hope you found this post helpful. Enjoy your trip!


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