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7 Things you can do this Quarantine

By the looks of things, it seems like the lockdown is going to be longer than expected. No more lunch dates and night-out with friends for now or karaoke sessions until the wee hours of the morning. For the sake of our families, our neighbors, and the people around us, we’ve got to stay home and do the best that we can to protect ourselves. That’s the least we can do to help our frontliners.

It’s not easy, though. Being isolated from everyone and not enjoying the liberties we used to have pre-pandemic might cause feelings of anxiety or loneliness, which is why it would help to keep oneself occupied.

7 Things you can do this Quarantine | Pandemic Activities to do at Home | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Here are seven (7) things you can do this quarantine to keep your sanity and stay productive.

1) Finish a book, then read it again

If you want to become a better reader, writer, and observer, reading a book twice is a good start. Not only will you be able to pay attention to the things you might have missed the first time, but you’re also most likely to remember the information you read when you go through your book again. Thinking of what to read next? Here are some good book recommendations, guaranteed to bring positive changes in your life if you apply the principles.

2) Learn a new skill

Being in lockdown means having extra time to do other things. Why not use that time to learn something new? If you’ve always wanted to work on a skill that your schedule couldn’t accommodate before, now is the time to do so. You can try cooking, gardening, baking, painting, or singing. It depends on your interest, really, but you sure have many options as to what skill you'd like to develop.

3) Clean and organize your home

Want to work and live better? All you have to do is clean, declutter, and organize your home. Setting aside time to tidy up will not only make your house more livable and conducive for working, but it’s going to clear your mind as well. If you feel like changing things up a bit, you can always add some new decorations or move your furniture.

4) Make a household management system

Maintain order in your home and have a better work-life balance by making a household management system. It’s simply coming up with a set of methods tailored to help you manage everything at home smoothly, like task scheduling and devising proper plans for cleaning, laundry, gardening, waste management, grocery shopping, or bills payment; on top of making sure you have quality time for your spouse and kids. You can compile it in a binder or write things down in a notebook.

5) Schedule a movie marathon

If you have been working hard and couldn’t be bothered to do more work or try something new this quarantine, you can make a list of the top movies you want to watch, then schedule a movie marathon. Don’t forget the drinks and the popcorn (or your favorite chocolates!). Also, place your phones somewhere else. How nice would it be to enjoy a good film without any distractions?

6) Have a family game night

Invite all your family members for a night of pizza, board games, and fun! This is a wonderful activity that will surely strengthen your bond and make the lockdown bearable. You can also opt for charades if you want.

Things to do during the Pandemic | Quarantine activities | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

7) Make a scrapbook or create something

Why not have your favorite photos printed out and placed in a scrapbook? Most of us may store almost everything in the cloud now, but nothing beats hard copies of your best memories in a personalized album. Gather your art supplies and start unleashing your creativity. Scrapbooking is a great way to keep your favorite moments close to your heart and stimulate your mind during the lockdown.

You can also create something out of the items available in your home; you can turn old shirts into stylish rugs, unused cartons into DIY whiteboards, or cereal boxes into organizers.

Of course, while it’s nice to be productive during this crisis, it’s also essential to take breaks (most especially if you do a lot of work), so remember to have some when you feel like you need it. Stay safe!


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