The Better Choice (+)

I sometimes don’t understand why some people get the impression that positive people don’t sail through rough waters. I mean, come on. Just because someone is all happy and sunny doesn’t mean that no storms have lurked behind those smiles. We all have our own circumstances and demons to conquer; the hard slaps of life exempt no one. That’s just how it is.

Challenges can be very formative though, so it’s not always a bad thing. All we have to do is be positive (without being blindly optimistic, of course).


Because being positive keeps us sane. It helps us think clearly. It brings us closer to the right people and energy so that we are able to withstand the rest of the challenges along the way. I’m sure you know how harsh and cruel the world can be… if you don’t make the conscious decision to stay calm and remain positive, the world will slowly rob you of your positive spirit, and you wouldn’t want that. Hehe

“You will not be punished for your anger; you will be punished by your anger.”

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