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What to Expect When you Visit Dubai Dolphinarium

Dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals in the world. Like whales, they have better memory, recognition, adaptability, and problem-solving skills (they have spindle neurons, which are specialized brain cells).

Not only that...they have two stomachs- one for food storage and one for digestion (interesting!). Also known as the friendly ones, it's not surprising many are amused with these beautiful mammals.

Photo of two dolphins at the Dubai Dolphinarium

Today, I’ll share how our trip to the Dubai Dolphinarium went. If you’re still working on your Dubai itinerary, here’s another destination to consider. It is the first air-conditioned indoor dolphinarium in the Middle East. Keep reading to learn more about our experience.

Location and Tickets

The dolphinarium is inside Creek Park in Gate 1. With this, expect an entrance fee of 5 AED (per person). If you arrive early or have extra time after the show, I suggest going around to see what else is inside the park.

Dubai Public Parks Gate 1, Children's City Dubai Dolphinarium

We didn't check out the whole area anymore because we had to leave early for another activity in the afternoon.

For the tickets, you can book them online through their official website, or use coupon sites such as Headout or Cobone. Walk-ins are welcome.

Ticket counter at Dubai Dolphinarium
Entrance to Dubai Dolphinarium

The Performers and The Show

It’s worth mentioning that the host and staff members did a great job setting the mood. They were cheerful and hyped us up for a few minutes before the show started. They also danced to the music and interacted with the kids before giving the house rules.

Dubai Dolphinarum Experience

The stars of the show were the family of dolphins, but they also had a talented seal who made a lot of us in the audience laugh.

Seal show at Dubai Dolphinarium | Travel blog

Dubai Dolphinarium | The Experience

We booked an early show, and there were not a lot of people when we went, but the energy was great, and all the kids were so excited. I like how ready they were to see the dolphins take the stage.

Dolphin warming up before the show | Creek Park, Dubai

My favorite parts were when one of the dolphins transported its trainer from one side of the stage to the other and the part where the dolphin jumped to kick the ball attached to the ceiling.

I also loved the portion where the seal showed us tricks and sang for us. We had a great time. I enjoyed seeing the animals.

Seal and dolphin show at Dubai Dolphinarium

There is a VIP section at the bottom if you want to be close to the action. The main perks of being in that area include getting a chance to throw the large ball during the interactive part of the show, a chance to be serenaded by the seal (then receive a rose), and, of course, seeing the dolphins closer. But you can still enjoy a great view even when you book regular tickets and sit in the general seating area (where we were).

Dubai Dolphinarium general seating area

I would highly recommend this activity to couples, groups of friends, and families on vacation in Dubai. It’s a light activity that people of all ages can enjoy.


During the show, there will be games that your kids can join (while adults can join the social media post contest below). They can participate to win special prizes like tickets to the Mirror Maze, a photo opportunity with the animals up close, or passes for the dolphin interactions.

Share and post to win a prize | Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium seal and dolphin show

Food and Drinks | Others

If you get hungry, there's a cafeteria inside the venue where you can grab a few drinks and snacks.

Happy Valley Cafeteria inside Dubai Dolphinarium

There is another attraction nearby called Mirror Maze, an Instagrammable labyrinth that is also inside the dolphinarium (right in front of the cafeteria).

Mirror Maze at Dubai Dolphinarium | Creek Park

I guess that's it for today. Just make sure to wear something comfortable, especially if you plan to go around the park.


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