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Shopee Stationery Haul

Hey there! Thanks for checking out the blog, I hope you’re doing well.

Since you clicked on this post, I’m guessing you love using or collecting stationery items as well? If yes, awesome! I’ll be doing an affordable stationery haul today. I'll just show you all the items that I got for only 375.00 (around $7 USD, ₹565 INR, $10 CAD, $ 11 AUD, or ฿ 242 THB,depending on exchange rates).

Below are my purchases, all from the same store (Wisdom Stationery).

Stationery Haul from Shopee | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

The Items

I ordered an A5 notebook, a small notebook, a ruler set, color pens, two sets of light gel pens, glitter tapes, a set of metal pens, a set of glitter pens, and a set of highlighter pens. As you see, it’s quite a lot for its price. If I went to the usual bookstore, I would’ve only gotten three or four items with the same amount.

Excited to Write

I’ve tried all the writing materials, and they all work! I’m just not sure for how long, but regardless, I’m happy with my purchase. As for the tapes, you can see below that they’re cute too, and they stick well on paper. I’m so excited to use it for my planner and diary writing sessions.

The Happy Day Gel Pen Set has 12 different colors. It also comes with its own plastic case for easy storage. The good thing about these pens is that they don’t smudge or make marks on the other side of the paper. Check out the photos below to see the metal and glitter pens.

Below are the prices (at the time of writing), for your reference. A5 Notebook (plain Brown cover, blank pages)- ₱45.00

Small unicorn notebook (lined pages)- ₱ 33.00

Ruler set (short ruler, protractor, 2 triangle rulers)- ₱15.00

Color pens (12 colors)- ₱ 33.00

Happy day gel pens (“sky” design)- ₱ 45.00

Happy day gel pens (“figure” design)- ₱45.00

Plain glitter tape- ₱29.00

Printed glitter tape- ₱29.00

Metal pens (12 colors)- ₱31.00

Glitter pens (12 colors)- ₱31.00

Highlighter pens (5 colors)- 39.00

Total amount for ALL items- ₱375.00

Shipping fee- ₱100 (I was in Ilocos when I ordered it. Can be cheaper if there are promos)

Total Amount + Shipping Fee- ₱475.00

That would be all for today, thank you and see you on the next post!

♥ Andi


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