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Precious Time Well Spent | Out & About [Photos]

Here's another Life Lately, because June turned out to be extra special than expected. I am very thankful for everything that has happened this month. While I want to share lots of stories and photos because I feel overwhelmed (in a good way), it's always best to share some and keep the rest for yourself and your loved ones. Here are the ones that made it to the blog, hehe.

Dinner with Enzo

Enzo was in town for a few days to visit, so the whole family met with him to catch up. We try to meet whenever possible because he's in college now and doesn't get to visit as much anymore. I used to carry him as a child, so seeing him will always bring back that image in my mind. May mga moments talaga na maiisip mo gaano kabilis yung panahon eh. Ayun.

Filipino family having dinner and coffee | Life Lately blog post | Philippines

A Double Celebration

Since my parents were in Cebu during Mother's Day, we waited until this month to celebrate the occasion (along with her birthday). I'm glad we were complete and happy to go on a busy weekend. It's also good that we were in Manila because we wouldn't have been able to join them if we were in Ilocos (this is where we stay if we're not moving around).

Photo of a family inside a cinema | Woman smiling for a photo

The original plan was to meet my parents around noon, but we went to the mall at 2 PM (so Ma and Pa could enjoy their lunch date first). We met with them after they finished, then had coffee before watching Hypnotic. Our parents enjoyed the comfy seats inside The Screening Room. I highly recommend taking your family and friends here for a relaxing movie experience. Sobrang okay din to for senior citizens kasi makapanuod talaga sila ng komportable.

Getting coffee together | Ortigas Cinemas, Estancia
Post Mother's Day celebration | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Happy Mother's Day and Happy Birthday to our dearest mama. The light of our home. Our Mother Earth. Our lifegiver.

We spent the rest of our time walking around and chatting. The mall was expectedly busy because it was a Saturday, and the weather that day was great too (perfect for going out). It did not feel as tiring as the other days, though. There was a lot of good, active energy that day. There were more families, more pets, and more couples than usual. Basta iba yung vibe that day, maganda sya.

Also, while doing our final errands and exiting the mall, we bumped into our relatives! Hehe. Their whole family was there, too. We saw Tita Pam, Tito Raymund, and our cousins Nikki and Monique.

Filipina girls posing for a photo | Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Kuya Jepoy Stopped By

Speaking of cousins, we also had dinner with Kuya Jepoy, who just arrived from India. My dad picked him up at the airport while we waited at the mall. My cousin's husband, Kuya Christian, also joined us. After that, we had coffee. Di talaga nawawala sa usapan ang kape or tsaa, lalo pagkakain. Lahat gusto magpababa haha.

Filipino family taking photos | Life Lately blog post | Philippines

Precious Time Well Spent

This month, I was able to max out time with loved ones, which I am grateful for. There have also been life plot twists that were more like answered prayers. I guess that would be all for today. Remember that time spent with loved ones is precious time well spent. I wish you love, good health, and happiness.


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