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My Blogging Journey (Fears & Inspirations)

Hey there, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate you clicking on this post. For today’s entry, I’m going to share about my blogging journey: from the fears I had to the things that inspired me, as well as a few stories.

My Blogging Journey | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Early years

I was in high school when I first started blogging. This was around 2007. I wrote about the bracelets I made, my classmates, my dog, the satisfying feeling of climbing the roof in our backyard to get tiny cherries, the retreats we attended (which I found so reflective), and the fun parts. Like when I’d go out with friends during the weekends, or when I first performed at a bar called Embassy Superclub in the Philippines when I was 16 for a QTV show called Events Incorporated hosted by Tim Yap. Ako lang yung underage nung time na yun so syempre kasama ko si father. It was one of my first live performances as a kid. I remember writing about it with so many photos, but now I'm only left with three (see below), I lost the rest. Digicam pa uso nun.

Events Incorporated show, QTV channel, Embassy Superclub, live performance, blogs

Left: Me in my room, preparing for the gig | Right: Me with the other performers (photobooth), and kuya Jan Nieto, the singer assigned to have a duet with me.

Going back, I just had a realization that I always enjoyed blogging with a drink. Hot Milo with condensed milk was my companion before, and now, coffee. I love how it put me in a relaxed state. It kept me going and kept me typing.

Years later, I stopped and deleted my account because I got busy with other things, like music and moving to a different region to attend university. A few years after working, though, I decided to do it again, so I signed up for a free plan on a cloud-based website builder. I wrote about random things. I didn’t have a set of categories yet. It was not as organized.

Fast forward to today, that old blog is now this website. The only difference is that I now have a proper domain, and it’s more systematic.

Blogging is like life; it isn’t perfect and is an ongoing journey. There is always something to learn along the way, and we’ll all have our fair share of smooth routes and bumpy roads. That’s how we stretch further and discover what more we can do.

Now, let’s get straight to what this post is about.

Fears I had before blogging

As mentioned earlier, I was in high school when I entered the blogosphere. As a teenager who was new to everything about writing stuff online, I had some fears like having grammatical errors, not having the best photos, being judged by peers, and endangering my online safety, among others. I was a kid, after all, and it made sense to feel conscious, have worries, or be wary because there are hateful creatures on the internet, and predators were also starting to creep into blogs and chat rooms at that time. It doesn’t hurt to be careful.

Young lady working from home | freelancer | blogs | Philippines

It took a while to get rid of those fears, but they eventually went away. My parents also gave me lots of warnings; something I didn’t like as a teen but now appreciate as an adult. I would’ve been preyed on, cyberbullied, manipulated, or even catfished. You just never know. Internet safety and parental guidance are a must, especially for young girls out there.

Sources of inspiration

When I was still writing songs, I remember getting inspiration from my friends' personal experiences, then sometimes from mine. With blogging, it comes more from the desire to inform and express. It gives me a sense of purpose. Other things that inspire me include staring at the beautiful scenery here, listening to music, or playing the guitar. During days when I feel uninspired, I go out, look at plants, have a hot drink, or don’t do anything at all. I don’t force myself to write; I just doodle on my journal, then see where it goes from there.

A continuous learning process

As with anything, mistakes are inevitable. When I was just starting, I made all sorts of blunders, from using funny font styles (think gothic), adding a lot of stickers on photos, to publishing posts that didn’t make sense at all, like gushing about elementary crushes lol. See photo below for reference.

My Blogging Journey | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

I still commit some booboos up to this day, but well, I guess it’s like that with any undertaking because that’s how we know which things to change and which areas to improve. Learning is a lifelong process.

That’s about it! Thanks for reading and stay safe always.

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