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Yummy Bubble Tea at Home with Injoy Milk Tea

Do you love milk tea? Want to start making it at home? I have the perfect recommendation for you! It’s Injoy Philippines’ milk tea mixes and tapioca pearls! It’s delicious, affordable, and easy-to-prepare. You can get them in 1kg packs, and each pack can make 13-15 glasses, depending on how much powder you use. While it’s not like your legit milk tea with real tea and fresh milk, the taste is close enough to satisfy your cravings.

How to Prepare Milk Tea

If you’re using a milk tea mix (like the one from Injoy Philippines), all you have to do is add two tablespoons of powder, then fill the glass with water. Mix well and serve with ice. You can also get creative and add syrups or toppings if you wish.

If you want the real thing, just combine Black tea, fresh milk, and sugar. Measure and add each ingredient according to your preferred taste.

Milk Tea | Injoy Milk Tea Philippines | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi

How to Cook Tapioca Pearls

1 Boil water and add tapioca pearls. Mix until the pearls float.

2 Lower heat and leave the pearls boiling for thirty (30) minutes.

3 Turn off stove or induction cooker and soak the pearls for 30 more minutes.

4 Wash and drain pearls in cold water.

5 Dissolve sugar in hot water, bring to a boil, then add your washed pearls.

Injoy Milk Tea Flavor Recommendations

My recommended flavors include Red Velvet, Wintermelon, Chocolate, Thai Tea, and Dark Chocolate 🥤 Cream cheese and whipped cream topping mixes are also available. It’s so easy to do, right? Now, you can start making milk tea at home and serving them to everyone. You can even start a milk tea business with these ingredients!


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