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A Trip to AYA Universe in Wafi City

After our working vacation in Dubai, we are back in the Philippines. That means more DXB content in the coming weeks, mostly about activities you can try when you visit the city, including details- starting with this one. Yalla!

Today, I'm taking you to an immersive park in Wafi City. If you're looking for a family-friendly activity in Dubai, here's one you can enjoy. It's something different and a bit relaxed (the place looks better in person than in photos).

AYA Universe in Wafi City | What is It?

AYA Universe is one of Dubai’s latest attractions- an immersive entertainment park featuring various zones you can explore. These zones come in modern themes that all relate to the beauty of the universe. You can find it in Wafi City, an Egyptian-themed shopping center.

AYA Universe in Dubai | Indoor playground by HyperSpace | Wafi City

How to Book Tickets for AYA Universe

You can buy tickets at the counter or online from their website. You can also use discount applications like Cobone or Headout for better prices. Note that the rates vary from time to time, depending on the current promos, so I suggest picking a date first, then comparing the rates for that day before booking (you can save a lot with the right deal!).

Now, here’s how our experience went:

Let’s go to the Cosmos! Getting an AYA Passport

To start the journey, you need an AYA passport. You can get this from the Jedi-looking staff after showing your QR code. I thought this was cool because it feels like a real passport, and it comes with a sticker pack to mark the zones you have visited (by sticking them onto the page). All you have to do is match the symbols.

AYA Universe Passport and Sticker Pack

It can get exciting once you get your little travel document, but I suggest going through the pages first so you can check out the map and have an idea about the different zones.

Time to Explore | So what’s inside the AYA Universe?

Here’s what you can find inside (not in order): The Source, Drift, Outland, Luna, Celestia, The Pool, The River, The Falls, Tides, Flora, Harmonia, and Aurora.

The Source is where you start. In this room, you can roam around, watch the light projections, and go to the center (you can touch the reactive dome). There are also small digital pools you can stand on top of.

The Source at AYA Universe in Wafi City, Dubai

Drift is where you can lie down amongst the stars, feel the vibrations, and watch futuristic displays on the ceiling. It’s a chill spot to rest your feet if you’re tired (and even have a quick nap, lol).

Outland is a bit more relaxed. You can sit on one of the benches or stand in front of the sensors to see a digital avatar follow you as you walk.

Outland Zone inside AYA Universe | Dubai travel blogs

Luna is the room with large metal balls, which are supposed to represent moons. It looks glam and futuristic, especially when the pink and blue lights start flashing.

One of the rooms inside AYA Universe | Blog Review | Traveling to Dubai

Celestia is all about the cosmos, and this zone is the one I enjoyed the most. The projections were an absolute delight to watch. Make sure to stay there and watch the complete show because it’s cool.

A trip to a beautiful universe | AYA Universe blog review | Dubai

The Pool is a larger version of the small pools at The Source, except it has its own space.

The Pool at AYA Universe

The River is where you walk to go to The Pool. It has eye-catching visuals that are more vibrant than the others.

Inside AYA Universe in Wafi City, Dubai | Get tickets online

The Falls is where you can watch droplets of water flow upside down. You'll see them up close inside the enclosure, where you can also take photos.

The Falls at AYA, where the droplets of water flow upside down

Tides offer a showcase of LED totems scattered around the mirrored room. It has a modern, future-forward, and trippy vibe to it. The lights here are also bright and colorful.

LED totems at AYA Universe | Where to go in Dubai
The Tides at AYA | Traveling to Dubai

Flora is a digital bioluminescent garden where you can see the tree of life and flowers change colors. The photo below only shows half of the whole room.

The Flora zone at AYA Universe, Wafi City, Dubai
The Tree of Life inside AYA Universe, Flora Zone

Harmonia looks like a bar where you can dance (but without the high tables), but once the show starts, you’ll find yourself just standing to enjoy the beat and watch the strobe lights dance to it.

Harmonia light show at AYA | Wafi City, Dubai
Harmonia zone inside AYA | Lights and sounds park in Dubai

Aurora is the area close to the entrance and the ticket redemption area.

In a nutshell, AYA Universe is an audio-visual treat. It’s something new for the senses. All zones are stimulating and can awaken some creative ideas in you. It’s also perfect for content creation.

IMPORTANT: This attraction is not advisable for those who have light sensitivity or epilepsy.

How long does it take to finish going around AYA?

You can finish it in an hour (minimum) if you’re only going to look around and take photos. But if you’re watching the full displays, queuing for The Falls, or having a quick nap at Drift, it would be around 2 hours.

Clean restrooms are available if you need to go to the toilet or wash your hands.

Restrooms inside AYA Universe

Tip: Do another round and enjoy the show once you finish taking photos and videos. There’s no time limit, so you can stay in the zones as long as you want to.

The souvenir store at AYA, where you can shop for books, pens, and other items

I guess that would be all for today. For more Dubai articles, check out the Food & Travel category on the blog page. I'll publish more DXB content in the coming weeks (about this year's trip and activities).


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