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A Cup of Joe at Café Kitsuné in Ortigas

Hi! Okay. So, this is a late post. I wasn't sure if I wanted to post this (I didn’t think we ordered enough to make a proper review), so it sat in my drafts folder for months since last year; that was until now. 

Café Kitsuné at The Podium

Café Kitsuné is a contemporary café that offers coffee, sandwiches, and pastries. It's a global brand with branches in France, Japan, South Korea, New York, China, Thailand, Manila, and more. I’m not sure where exactly it originated from, but they have a Paris-meets-Tokyo concept.

Cafe Kitsune at The Podium
Photo from the website of The Podium

I always notice this coffee shop whenever I go to the mall, but I had never thought of trying their coffee until I met with a friend. We had heard about the previous hype, so we decided to see for ourselves since we were also looking for a new place to chat.

What we Ordered

We both ordered Spanish Latte (hot and iced), and our drinks were delicious. It would have been better, though, if my drink was hotter. As for the food, we didn’t try anything. But if you are planning to go here and eat as well, you'll need at least ₱500 for a beverage and a sandwich (or a pastry), depending on what you get. 

Eloise at the counter
Eloise at the counter

I do not have menu photos, but the food and drink items are in the ₱200-800 peso range. So, if you are planning to go here and eat as well, you'll need at least ₱500 for a beverage and a sandwich (or a pastry). The coffee was okay; not what I expected, but it was nice. Or maybe I’ll try a different drink next time.

Coffee and pastries at Cafe Kitsune

We didn't get any food, so I cannot share anything about its taste and quality. But by the looks of it (and based on other reviews), you're better off going to a restaurant for a proper meal you can get for the same price. 

Spanish Latte (Iced and Hot)

The Spot

The place has a relaxed vibe and seems ideal for those who like a quiet setup. It looks classy, and there are also a few sockets that you can use for your devices. 

The only issue was the stability of the tables (and the place is a bit cramped). We have moved spots three times, but the last table was still shaky- we just settled. I hope they add some non-slip stabilizers to avoid drink spillage. 

Mixing my hot drink
Afternoon date with my college friend

The Service

I have read about others’ negative experiences with their staff, but fortunately, we were assisted by a helpful waiter who was attentive to our requests. Infused house water is available.

The Verdict

Based on our experience, I'd give Café Kitsuné an 7/10. It reminds me of Butlers Chocolate Cafè in Lahore (Pakistan), except the latter is more spacious.

Cafe Kitsune menu
Merchandise (I found these to be overpriced for its quality)

Other cafes inside The Podium that I recommend are Caerus, Angkan, Daiesumi, and Craft. 


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