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7 Places Where You Can Donate Your Old Goods

S p o n s o r e d C o n t e n t

The aftermath of decluttering can be overwhelming, especially when you have a pile of mint condition items that you can’t simply throw away. Having a sale is one way to get rid of them, but selling out takes time. Plus, keeping a stockpile in your home occupies a lot of space, making it seem like you didn’t declutter at all.

Fortunately, several non-government organizations and private companies have donation drives you can join. Here are seven of them:

Where to Donate your Old Goods (Philippines)

H&M Foundation

Donate clothes to H&M Foundation | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the website of H&M

H&M is one of the most popular stores globally (thanks to its wide array of clothes, shoes, and accessories), but did you know that you can also bring your used clothing here? As a fast-fashion company, part of H&M’s sustainability project is to recycle secondhand and damaged clothes by repurposing them as new fashion items. You can even receive up to a 15% discount on your shopping trip in exchange for your donation. Talk about saving money and the environment together!

The Tzu Chi Foundation

Donate to the Tzu Chi Foundation (Philippines) | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the website of Tzu Chi Philippines

Part of following Buddhism includes living a simple life. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sell all your belongings and downgrade your lifestyle; you only have to be content with the essentials. Second on the list is Tzu Chi Foundation, a buddhist international humanitarian organization that started in Taiwan.

The great thing about Tzu Chi Foundation is that they have liaison offices to accommodate donors from different places. You can drop off donations in Manila and Quezon City, or visit their Mandaue branch if you happen to be looking for an apartment for sale in Cebu. Benefactors also have the option to ship goods, furniture, and appliances.

Goodwill Industries

Donate to Goodwill Industries of the Philippines | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the website of Goodwill Industries of the Philippines

Goodwill Industries is a popular secondhand store where you can take your books, toys, clothing, furniture, and home decor, among others. Not only does Goodwill serve as an avenue for you to share your old items with those in need, but they also support Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) by giving them the proceeds of the sale.

To schedule a pick-up for your to-donate things, you can reach Goodwill Industries through their hotline or website.

Segunda Mana

Donate to Segunda Mana Philippines | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the website of Caritas Manila

With its name meaning “secondhand” in English, Segunda Mana is Caritas Manila’s non-profit program to help the less fortunate through distributing the used and old items they receive. The organization accepts old clothes, toys, school books, furniture, and appliances. Segunda Mana also sells and recycles these items, then uses the proceeds to send underprivileged Filipino youths to school.

I Support the Girls MNL

Donate to I Support the Girls MNL | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the Facebook page of I Support the Girls

What other way to celebrate International Women’s Month than to give to less-privileged females? I Support the Girls MNL in an organization that collects feminine products and donates them to women in underserved areas in Metro Manila. Some of the items you can give are old bras, fresh unused panties, tampons, sanitary pads, feminine wash, and undergarments that don’t fit you anymore. For intimate wear donations, please make sure the items are in tip-top condition to comply with the organization’s standards and safety protocols.

Declutter Manila

Donate to Declutter Manila | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the Facebook page of Declutter Mnl

Don’t have enough time to gather all the items you wish to donate? Declutter MNL is a Facebook page where you can post your old stuff along with its details and wait for someone to claim it by typing “Mine!” in the comments section. Think of it as an online marketplace, but for secondhand goods. You’ll be surprised at how many people will want to have your old dresses, shoes, collectible merch, appliances, and musical instruments!

Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery

Donate to Resurrection Furniture & Found Objects Gallery | Where to donate in the Philippines

Photo from the website of Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery

Got old furniture pieces that seem to be beyond repair? Ditch throwing them and donate them to the Resurrection Furniture and Found Objects Gallery instead. This recycling organization reworks old and broken furniture into new and usable home decor. For example, if you have a broken headboard or backrest, all you have to do is bring it there, and they’ll transform it into something useful, like a gorgeous mirror frame. They can even repurpose a ruined door into a unique dining table!

The number of objects we own may indicate a bountiful life, but having an excess of things may overwhelm us and our sense of space.

So if you’re thinking of selling your things, let’s say before getting an apartment for sale in Cebu, consider donating them to any of these seven sites. Not only will it give you room for more in your new home, but it will also reduce your carbon footprint and help provide to those who need them more.


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