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Guards Down

SO... I just finished my last dose of caffeine and that prolly explains why I'm still up and writing this post (well, this woman's always been a night owl). I can't actually think of something sensible to write about right now. I just feel like allowing my stream of thoughts do all the typing.

I feel so tired today...I've been having bad breakouts too! :( I just wanna rest the whole week and watch Matt Stonie's eating videos on YouTube lol. He's quite an eater, you guys should check him out. Saw his videos after searching for "competitive eaters" on YouTube. Amazing guy. Huuuuuge appetite. He's already made a living out of it so that's some really nice money-making talent too *cha-ching*. I'm so amazed, really. How does one manage to stuff so much food in his mouth without vomiting or getting fat?? Haha I really wonder.

Anyways.... I just found a bag of Clover Chips and I feel so happy right now! ♡ (life's simple joys). Clover has always been one of my favorite snacks as a kid. The BBQ flavored ones are so good, specially the Clover BITS variant. I remember spending half of my baon for that and some other tigpipisong chichiryas; I'd rush to the nearest local store, get my chihirya fix, then hide everything in my small lunch box cause my father does not approve of eating junk foods inside the house (not that he's strict, he's just health-conscious). *stops for a moment and feels nostalgic*. Oh how I miss those days...those moments when all we had to worry about were petty matters. Adulthood sure comes with a lot of responsibilities. Power!

Time check: it's already 1:25 AM in the morning. What to doooo hehe. Guess I'll just listen to some love songs until I feel sleepy. Watch my first product review and subscribe to me on YouTube! ♥

Thanks for reading this very random post, I appreciate readers :) Have a nice week ahead!

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