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Pannys Tour | Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

If you’re in Melbourne and are planning to visit Phillip Island soon, you might want to include this spot in your itinerary. 

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory, fondly called Pannys (yup, without an apostrophe), is a sweet attraction in Newhaven, Southern Victoria. 

Creative wall art at Pannys

According to online sources, this place is owned by a chocolatier named Panny Letchumanan, who hails from Melbourne. Join me as I go around and see what’s over here. 

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory (Pannys)

Our trip to Pannys was unexpected. We were finishing our wildlife park experience when we agreed to visit the chocolate factory (it was along the way). As a choc-loving lady, my inner child got a bit excited. Anyhow, here is what you can expect if you plan to visit. 

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate in Newhaven (Australia)

Phillip Island Chocolate Factory is also known as Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate 


930 Phillip Island Rd, Newhaven, Victoria, Australia 

The factory is less than 10 minutes away from the San Remo bridge. You’ll see it immediately because they have such big signs, and it is along the road.


Tickets are available on-site and online.

Entering the Establishment | First Impressions

Upon entry, you get a small guidebook, a game stub, and a complimentary chocolate that also serves as your ticket.

Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate | Tickets

Once you go inside, you can explore independently and stay as long as you want, as there are no guides to show you around. 

I found the first part of the tour creative. There were displays of cocoa beans and processors that guests could use. It was interactive; you could press the button to grind beans or mix the chocolate. You can also check out the wall photos, which show the humble beginnings of chocolate-making (you can read the descriptions if you want to learn more).

History of chocolate-making | Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate
Vintage chocolate ad at Pannys
Here's a closeup of one of the vintage chocolate ads they have on display
Various tools used for processing cocoa beans

I like how they incorporate art inside the factory; aside from the creative walls, you’ll find other interactive installations- like the Aroma Center where you can sniff cocoa beans or the controllable glass displays (you can put the characters into motion when you press the buttons). 

Look, they have a chocolate version of Michelangelo’s Statue of David. 

Statue of David at Pannys Chocolate Factory in Phillip Island

If you want to test your chocolate know-how, you can play their fun quiz with your friends or family.

Panny's Chocolate Quiz

The Chocolate Challenge is perfect for large groups; the goal is to lift the chocolate block by hopping on the other side. I don’t know if any group has succeeded in this challenge. It takes immense weight and force to do this (I mean, it’s a ton!). The space may not be enough to accommodate the number of people needed to lift the block. 

One Ton Challenge | Pannys Amazing World of Chocolate
L- Our niece trying some chocolates | R- Chocolate challenge (the thing with the Red bars is where you hop on)

What Else is There? More Chocolate

As you navigate the place, you’ll see a dispenser where you can get free (unlimited) chocolate. All you need to do is turn the knob, and you can get either Milk or White chocolate; whichever you prefer. I wasn't able to take a photo of this, but it kind of looked like one of those candy dispensers at the mall. Below is a cute little chocolate village.

Chocolate town at Pannys
More real chocolate displays

Remember the stub I mentioned earlier? You can use them for the carnival games in the gaming alley. Since each guest is entitled to ten game credits, there are ten chances to win wooden balls that you can exchange for real chocolate balls (you can claim them after the tour).  

Games at Pannys Chocolate Factory
Majority of the games were luck-based, but they were fun

In front of the chocolate-making machine, close to where they pack some of their products, there is a small machine that allows you to design chocolates by moving the handle that dispenses liquid chocolate. You can then get your treat at the end of the conveyor belt (this was a hit with the kids over there). 

A chocolatier packing chocolates inside the factory

Feeling Hungry? Need Coffee?

If you feel hungry, crave coffee, or want to wait outside while everyone goes on the tour? You can stay and chill at the cafe inside. Food and drinks are available, but the kitchen closes at 3PM. 

Pannys Cafe and Restaurant | Phillip Island Chocolate Factory

The Verdict

A trip to this factory is more like a one-time thing, something you include in your itinerary if you visit Phillip Island (thanks to my MIL for this tour). Overall, we had a good experience. The owner must be proud. Can you imagine dreaming about having a chocolate factory as a child, and then actually pursuing it as an adult? Amazing.

Chocolate figures in a miniature chocolate factory


  • Walk-ins are welcome, but you can also book your tickets through their website;

  • Entry to Pannys Cafe and retail store (on the side of the ticket booth) is free;

  • There’s plenty of parking available for guests;

  • You can visit the souvenir store for gifts; 

  • Drink lots of water after your tour- it’s good to stay hydrated after all that sugar hehe. 

That would be all for today, thanks for checking this out, and hope to see you around 🍫 


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