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Artistic Treats at KOI Dessert Bar in Chippendale

It was a chilly night in Sydney when we decided to have desserts at a nearby spot after a filling Vietnamese meal. My cousin-in-law suggested going to KOI, which she said was popular among locals and dessert lovers. And so, we went there.

Location | Where to find KOI

You can find KOI Dessert Bar along Central Park Avenue. It's close to Woo Wol Korean restaurant, Iglu Central Park Student Accommodation, and Four Points by Sheraton. It is within that area.


46 Kensington St, Chippendale New South Wales 

KOI Dessert Bar & Dining

First Impressions & The Experience

Just to give a little background, KOI Dessert Bar and Dining is a business founded by the Poernomo brothers Arnold and Reynold, with the latter being a former contestant of Masterchef Australia. I had not heard about them (since I came as a tourist), but my cousins-in-law mentioned he’s big over there, so naturally, I had high expectations with the taste. Anyhow, for a moment I thought the owners were part Filipino because of the coconut and kalamansi ingredients in some of the desserts (both are native to the Philippines)- but they are Indonesian.

KOI Dessert Bar in Chippendale

What’s Available at KOI Dessert Bar?

To see their complete dessert offering, it is best to visit their website, but here’s what was available when we arrived (this was during nighttime).

KOI Dessert Bar Menu | Cakes and Canapes

What We Got & Top Picks

As you can see, everything looked delectable, and that's why it took us a while to pick, but we eventually agreed to share four desserts, which was a good idea. The cakes are flavorful- they can satisfy your palate quickly.

Here’s what we ordered: Like a Boss, Green Tea Rose, Passion Colada, and Coconut Kalamansi.

Yummy desserts from KOI Dessert Bar & Dining
Clockwise starting from Like a Boss (Black cube): Like a Boss, Green Tea Rose, Coconut Kalamansi, and Passion Colada. Yum yum yum

Now, for the taste test. The Like a Boss mousse cake was delicious- it was a bit sweet and citrusy. I think most people would like this one. The presentation looks great, too; I love the classiness and simplicity (this is the one that looks like a cube). Not to mention, this tasted good with my Long Black coffee.

Green Tea Rose (see photo below) was mild and ideal for those who want something lighter. I only had two bites, and the texture reminded me of Cathedral Window gelatin.

Green Tea Rose cake at KOI Desserts in Chippendale

Passion Colada was the sweetest and most colorful among the four. It was so pretty that we tried it last, lol. It's got a summery flavor. If you like mango-flavored or fruity treats, this is for you. 

Coconut Kalamansi was okay for me. I wanted to like this, but as someone accustomed to using kalamansi as a condiment to a salty dish and an ingredient to a viand (or for fresh juices as a natural remedy for colds), I felt odd knowing it was in the dessert. That’s just me, though. I’m sure this variant would have its fans.

My top two picks were the Like A Boss and Passion Colada cakes. 


  • Service water is available;

  • You can also book a degustation experience- this is done in a separate area;

  • The place is semi-formal;

  • They have good customer service- staff members are smiley, friendly, and professional.

Would I go back?

It’s a chill place to enjoy time with family and friends, but I think it’s one of those spots that you only visit once or during special occasions like meeting up with a long-lost friend, celebrating an anniversary, or going on a first date.

Tiramisu Celebration Cake from KOI Desserts in Chippendale, Sydney

That’s pretty much it! Thanks for reading, and I hope you stick around


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