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What's Inside the 2022 Limelight Planner? (Earth Design)

Haven’t purchased a planner for next year yet? You might want to skip the expensive options and go for Limelight’s 2022 planner instead. It’s stylish, compact, and value for money. You're going to love it!

The first time I purchased a Limelight planner was back in 2020 (I made a video about it which you can check out on this link). I always thought it was very good for its price, although at that time, it was bulky and didn’t have day names on each page. But this year, after seeing one of the displays in National Bookstore, I fell in love right away because it has improved so much. Here's what's inside:

Cover Page & Personal Information Sheet

Size: A5 (5.70 x 8.26 inches)

Cover: Hardbound planner with magnetic closure

Paper: Ivory paper/ 80 GSM

Color Options: Blue, Red, Black, and Yellowish Brown

This year's planners come in four different themes: Water (Blue), Fire (Red), Air (Black), and Earth (Yellowish Brown). I originally wanted to go for the Red one; but realized that this was more relaxing to look at, as the colors were easy on the eyes. I also love the design in general: the gold print, the brush strokes, and the combination of different elements that overlap stylishly.

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I don't have my camera with me at the moment, so I only used my phone to take these photos.

Planner Pages

It has dedicated pages for your monthly goals and bucket list.

How a normal monthly overview page looks like. Each month also has some extra pages for other things, like affirmations, manifestations, or for this one, a slam book.

Really love the color combinations. Everything was well thought out to match the planner's concept; the Earth element.

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For the 2022 planners, Limelight opted for a half-page daily setup, where you're allotted half a page's worth of space for each day. Not bad, right? I think it's enough space to work around on.

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Another thing I love about this planner is the amount of inspirational text inside it. You can just never underestimate the power of simple, inspirational words to motivate or lift someone up.

These are my favorite sheets so far; the 2022 highlights page and the birthday tracker.

What you get when you purchase the planner: three sheets of stickers and a magnetic bookmark. Everything's so cute btw!

🛒 Get your 2022 Limelight Planner on Shopee: 🛒

It also has a map of the Philippines inside for your reference. Now you'll find it easier to plan your next local travels. It even has photos of popular destination spots on the other page too! So, what do you think about it? 😊

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