• Andi Dela Torre-Gri

Product Review: Shiseido Synchro Skin

Please note that I’m no make-up expert, just a consumer sharing my thoughts about the product.

Specially formulated for Asian skin, Shiseido Synchro Skin takes pride in its claim to provide “an intelligent, long-lasting foundation that beautifully enhances your complexion with vibrance”, further adding that the product is flawlessly undetectable, “like it belongs to your skin”.

With the product hailing from Ginza in Tokyo, no wonder women trust the brand. Japan is known for producing products that are of superior quality, after all. Now let’s proceed with the review:


Each 30mL bottle costs ₱2,750.00. As someone who usually spends around ₱500-700.00 for foundation, I initially found the product a bit unreasonable. If you do the math, the price of one bottle can already get me five bottles of my trusty Maybelline foundation; but obviously, I wanted to try the product so here we are, writing about the experience now.

So was it worth it? Yes, because the product worked wonders for my pores, lol. Also, since one pump can go a long way, a bottle can last for up to 15 months. Mine lasted that long and so I saved a few trips to the department store (I used to purchase foundation twice or thrice a year since I get the ones in smaller packaging).

While I really enjoyed using this product and am currently on my second bottle, I'm switching back to my old foundation after this. My skin isn't super sensitive anyway so I can always opt for the more affordable brands out there.


The product, contained in a matte-coated glass bottle, is a medium-coverage buildable foundation. Meaning, you can apply additional thin layers if you want to without making it look thick or cakey. It feels light on the skin too. The only downside is that it only has SPF15, which I believe is not enough to protect our skin against harmful UV rays (dermatologists say that it has to be at least 30), but the rest is great. It blends well with the skin and is very easy to apply.

As for longevity, the product can stay on your skin for up to 8 hours, that is, if you’re just in the office. For those who are always outside, I believe this can last you 5 to 6 hours, but it still depends on the type of outdoor activities you engage in, of course. Lastly, this is an unscented product, so don't expect it to be fragrant.


It's available almost everywhere; you can find this product inside popular department stores nationwide, but I suggest you visit the actual boutiques, since they always get the latest stocks. The boutique attendants give more product samples in small bottles too!


8 over 10 😊 The product is generally good, but the bottle's kind of heavy and the SPF value is low. I recommend you to try this product though.

That would be all for today, hope this review helped someone decide whether or not to purchase the product. Bye!

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