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Marching through March

March has been hectic. There were plenty of things to do, things to go through, and I had little sleep. But still, I remain thankful. We can never be too sure these days. Waking up in the morning is a blessing none of us should take for granted. With all that’s happening, not everyone gets to live another day.


In the last week of last month, I went to Manila to bring my mother-in-law to the airport, get some documents, and visit my family. It was a quick trip, but it sure was busy and productive ☕

Mom-in-law and I booked an Airbnb unit that looked like a British dollhouse. It reminded me of Kamiseta Hotel’s interiors; fun, floral, and feminine (see photo below). We stayed there for two days because papa had visitors at home. It turned out to be better because our sleepover gave us time to talk about the challenging events that transpired last year, where Hubs and I were left to deal with the consequences of decisions and issues that were not ours. I expressed my sentiments, and I'm glad she understood because I needed to communicate my honest feelings to my mom-in-law.

British dollhouse-inspired Condo Unit | Two girls taking a selfie | Lifestyle blog in Asia

When it was time to take her to the airport, papa picked us up in time. We arrived an hour earlier and said our goodbyes before parting ways. After that, I met with my family and had dinner together. My parents are making healthier food options now, and my sister is busy with her physical training. I am proud of Betina, who is upping her fitness game; it’s impressive. If there is a local version of American Ninja Warrior here in the Philippines, she would be qualified to join and win. Malakas si sister! (see photo below) 💪

SM Aura Tower, Tong Yang SM Hypermart, Seattle's Best SM Aura Tower| Lifestyle blog in Asia
Two Filipina girls joining a national race | Spartan Philippines

My sister with her teammate

The day after, we went to Tiende for Barbie’s grooming session. You can tell that she was happy with her haircut. She was giddy the whole time we were out. I was satisfied with my dessert from Avocadoria as well. So yummy! Sobra. Definitely a must-try for avocado lovers out there, promise! It has the perfect amount of bitterness and sweetness that I'm sure you'll love.🍨

Maltipoo in Tiendesitas' pet village | Avocadoria Philippines avocado dessert | Lifestyle blog in Asia

We took turns in walking Barbie because she was so active. Gustong tumakbo at ang lakas manghila. Medyo nakakapagod din ang kakulitan nya haha. The guy who groomed her was a college student. He approached us and explained the services he could offer. He was eager but not pushy, and that's why we had him do Barbie's hair. Now she looks like a cotton ball with a body and a face, so fluffy. Mukang masipag talaga yung nag ayos ng buhok nya. 🐕

Filipina girl walking a dog in Tiendesitas' pet village | Lifestyle blog in Asia
Maltipoo with owners, Tiendesitas pet village | Lifestyle blog in Asia

Barbie is super cute and I love being in her presence. Pero pilya tong asong to haha. She once climbed up to the dining table to empty the bowl of fried rice while we were all busy somewhere else. Papa got mad because she finished it all. Na confirm namin na sya ang salarin nung inamoy sya, ayun amoy garlic yung bibig nya hahaha 🧄 Nakakaloka si Barbie.


Just before heading back to Ilocos (where I’m currently based), I was able to meet with my college friend, Eloise, who I’ve had a wonderful friendship with for ten years now. It’s so funny 😅 We felt nostalgic upon seeing each other and laughed about our friendship panties, friendship notebooks, friendship cardigans, and the rest of the matching stuff we purchased as students. May kanta pa kaming sinulat tungkol sa crush nya lol. We remembered some of the lines and cringed at how cheesy it was (nakakahiya haha). We don’t belong to the same circle of friends, but we’re from the same program and were both dormers, so we had a bond. We also have the same Zodiac sign. For dinner, we ate chicken, sandwiches, and ordered coffee with pancakes for dessert. 🥞

Filipina girls having dinner, The Podium | Lifestyle blog in Asia

When it was time to return, I booked a Partas bus seat online via Biyaheroes for a hassle-free trip back to the beach. I love how getting a bus has become convenient nowadays. It saves people a lot of time. The trip went smoothly, and I was comfortable the whole ride. Hubs picked me up in Vigan, where many people were present because of an ongoing shoot for a local TV show called Ang Probinsyano. We then took a van to go home.

Vigan City, Ilocos Sur Philippines | Lifestyle blog in Asia

Since I took the midnight bus, and I'm not the type to sleep during travels, I felt so tired after we arrived at the house. The sunset was beautiful, though, something to appreciate after a long day. I love how we can see and hear the waves every day, even from the living room or the bedroom.

Sunset in Ilocos Sur Philippines, Black sand | Lifestyle blog in Asia

As you can already feel from the intense heat, it’s summertime! Remember to stay hydrated and take care of your mental health and well-being. Stay safe always. Andi.


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