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Manage Facebook Groups & Pages without Distractions

Do you want to manage your Facebook groups and pages without getting distracted by endless posts on your news feed? That’s possible!

Google Extension Newsfeed Eradicator | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines | Photo of a girl sitting on the couch

All you have to do is download the News Feed Eradicator for Facebook. It’s a Google Chrome extension that literally clears your feed and replaces it with a quote instead. You can also use it for Twitter and LinkedIn, among others.

Google Newsfeed Eradicator: How to Set it Up

➡️ Select the sites you want to use the extension for. As you can see, I only ticked Facebook because I don't have Twitter, Reddit, and Y Combinator News. As for YouTube and LinkedIn, I don't feel the need to use the eradicator because they offer mostly informative content.

Facebook News Feed Eradicator | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi  | Philippines

The great thing about this plugin is that if your work entails the use of social media, you can do your job without distractions. You can continue checking your groups, creating posts, and visiting other pages in peace. You can also customize the quotes you’d like to see on your news feed (remember to put your favorite ones!). It’s an easy way to log in to Facebook and focus on work tasks instead of mindless browsing.

➡️ Next, click on "Quotes", then start adding your favorite sayings. Love how this feature allows users to customize.

Facebook News Feed Eradicator | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

As for managing your pages, you can do it via Facebook’s Business Manager tool, which allows you to run pages outside of Facebook.

I myself have been using this tool for quite some time now, and it's been helpful. I like how it allows me to manage groups and pages without getting sidetracked. Using this also made me realize which people I care about the most. Since I don’t see anything in my feed anymore, I now always have to go to people's profiles to see what’s up with them. So if I liked a Facebook post of yours, that means I checked your profile/page.

➡️ Lastly, enjoy your simple newsfeed. See photo below to see how it looks like after:

That's it! Easy, right? Save yourself precious time and focus on your tasks; get it now ♥


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