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Life Lately | April 2021

A quick glimpse at some of the things going on in my life.

The last time I made a Life Lately blog post was October last year. A lot has happened since, and I have many things I want to write about, but as the saying goes, timing is everything. I’ll save the rest for later. For now, here’s what’s up.

Trying out a new hobby

I’m trying out a new hobby this month, and that’s experimenting with nail polish and doing nail art. The past few weeks have been busy and really hectic, and what better way to de-stress or relax than by pampering oneself, right? While I'm not exactly talented with nail art, I'm willing to learn. I’ll write about the experience and my favorite nail products maybe after a month. I’m just waiting for the nail lacquers I ordered to arrive (they should be here anytime soon).

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Challenging times for us

On top of the pandemic that’s killing the lives of many, other things are happening around the world as you read this post. Hate crimes towards Asian Americans persist in the United States, Chinese militia vessels remain parked in Philippine territories, and pandemic-related stresses continue to threaten our mental health. With all these things taking place simultaneously, it’s easy to feel anxious or drained. Remember to protect your mental health to keep your sanity during this challenging time. Invest in a gratitude journal, explore new hobbies, or make time for meditation to keep your mind well.

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