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Just Like That... Life Lately

Hola! How are you? I hope all is well on your end. Today, I’m going to do a Life Lately for August and share some of last month's fave moments.

Home is where the heart is | Back in PH

Last July, we went to the UAE for a working vacation, then returned to the Philippines last month. It was a smooth trip in general, and I felt productive there. The change in scenery makes a difference. Dubai is just beautiful.

Dubai Mall fountain area | View from Nando's

To make the most out of our stay. We had a little schedule. There were days for working and simply relaxing, then days for going out. We had to skip morning walks because it was scorching hot outside. The temperature was above 40°C on many days. So if you plan to visit -and unless you're going to a waterpark- I suggest going out in the afternoon or at night when the city is full of life. That way, you don't get drained quickly and have enough energy to walk around. There's so much to explore. I have a lot of stories from our travels, but I'll save them for another post. Basahin mo din ah hehe.

We arrived at the airport early, so I got to do some writing. I like how spacious the lounge area is. The seats are also conducive for working and resting (you can sleep comfortably in one of the long couches).

Dubai International Airport, Terminal 1 Departure | Memento Vivere | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi

When it was time to leave DXB, my legs were ready for the long flight. Lucky for us, there weren't a lot of passengers inside the plane, so we got to occupy the empty rows and lie down. A lot of us in the back area were able to take naps. Kanya kanyang posisyon na kami ng higa dun.

Going back to the Philippines, my view from the window

On the same day we landed, we had breakfast with my dad, then went to get some things in the grocery. We were still tired, but I remember it being a great day. We were just happy to be back.

Quick Dinner

A day after we arrived, we met with my uncle and cousin, who were in town for a few days. Seeing them is something I look forward to because we always have a good time. And it's nice to spend time with close relatives.

We ate Japanese food for dinner, then gave the dads time to bond. We knew they wanted some time, so hubby, cousin, and I checked out the local pop-up stores. We also grabbed dessert. Daming tao kasi weekend, pero ok lang at least nakapag kita.

Afternoon stroll and dinner

Josh is a close cousin who’s more like a brother to me. He’s originally from Cebu, where my dad’s side of the family is from.

Brunch With the Girls

The girls have long been planning a meetup, so when we finally had the chance, we agreed to get brunch together on a weekend. Our group was not complete, but five of us were present.

The original plan was to dine at Maker and Made, but since there was a queue, we ended up at Manifesto (Gab's suggestion). It’s a nice place. Perfect for tita time. The food and coffee were also delicious. Bale after namin mag picture dito, chika time na. Hehe. 🍵

Brunch at Manifesto in BGC | College friends from DLSU-D

For our second round of drinks, we walked to Central Square with Muji coffee in mind. But since there were not enough seats, we looked for the closest cafe and ended up in St. Louis. No need for desserts because we were full. We only ordered smoothies (which were filling, by the way). Medyo chill na kami dito kasi napagod na kami kakalakad sa initan. Hehe

Fresh smoothies with the girls at St. Louis

After seeing my relatives and college friends, it was time to go to Ilocos. It's always bittersweet each time we go there, and in the next part below, I'll share why.

Hello, West Coast

My husband and I move around a lot but stay in the province longer at times to take care of a few things. In Ilocos, we live in a coastal town where you can watch the waves from the back door and get perfect sunset views. I used to love it here. Well. I still do. It's just that my husband and I had a very traumatic experience here before. My father-in-law was verbally abusive for years and was dysfunctional. It would be best if he went back to where he was from. He did not understand the consequences of his actions because he probably grew up in a similar environment where unhealthy behaviors were acceptable and normal. Not for me, though.

Hubby and I were left to deal with the problems of MIL and FIL for years. It was draining. I wish they took responsibility and held accountability for their actions instead of leaving everything to us. Like, we have our own lives too. We got anxiety from their unhealthy and chaotic setup. Taking things day by day was the best we could do. Messy separations are frustrating because the children, even having grown as adults, always get affected. Not to mention that the consequences spill over to others. Sadly, I don't think they realize that. But anyway, I love them still. I am praying for healing wherever it is needed. Time heals everything.

West Philippine Sea from Ilocos Sur | Memento Vivere

I guess being here triggered that memory. The waves above are the same waves that comforted us during times of crisis. At that time, hearing them hit the shore felt like it was washing all our worries away- and it did, eventually. All is well now. Things are not perfect, but we are blessed and safe. We'll be back in Manila again in a few hours. I'll just enjoy the view while I can.

Life is not without its ugly parts, but it is also not without its rewards.❤️

That's Life Lately

If you’ve managed to reach this part of the post, wow. Thank you for your time. I hope you stick around and check out the other articles I made for you.


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