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Creation through Words

The words we speak have more creative power than we think.

“Words create worlds”- We should definitely keep this in mind.

Most of us might think that words are just a plain combination of letters used for whatsoever expression. But words aren’t just words; they are tools for creation. They carry vibrations and have the power to create or bring into reality the things that we desire. Words have vibrational energy, and vibrational energy influences physical reality. This is why some groups have certain mantras that they repeat over and over again (if you notice)… because words have tremendous power, most especially when expressed regularly with intent and strong positive emotions.

"Thou shall decree a thing and it shall be established unto thee"

Examples of Affirmations

- I have multiple sources of income - I am surrounded with the right people who love and support me

- I am a beautiful woman inside and out

- I attract favorable situations in life

- I bring value to the lives of the people around me

- I am abundant in all aspects of my life (this is my favorite affirmation)

How to do your Affirmations

There are many ways on how you can do your affirmations, you can recite your statements in front of the mirror, write them in your journal, or record them on your phone so you can just listen to it. However you do it, it's good to keep in mind that commitment is important when it comes to doing affirmations; that's because the keys to making it work are habit and emotions. Recite and write your affirmations even during days when you don't feel like it. It's always worth it once you see your desired results manifest.


We all have the capacity to call into existence all the things that we desire through the energy we emit, the thoughts we retain, the emotions that we feel, and of course the words that we speak. Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words. Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions. Be careful of your actions, for your actions become your habits. Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character. Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your destiny. - Chinese Proverb

That would be all, thank you for reading ♥