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Boost your Concentration with these Online Games

It’s easy to lose focus these days with the number of things we need to do and the endless distractions around us. The average attention span has now gotten down to 8 seconds. Whether we notice it or not, concentration is becoming an issue for adults and teens alike.

If you’re having a hard time concentrating at work, you might want to take a break and check out Solitaire, a website that offers a wide selection of fun games for everyone. Don’t get fooled by the name. I went through the site and learned that Solitaire is also home to logic puzzles and arcade games that can help boost your mental performance.

Here are the ones I’ve tried:

Garden Secrets Hidden Objects

As the name suggests, the task is to look for the hidden objects in the garden; there are 12. Please note that you cannot just make random guesses and click anywhere to find the items. Wrong clicks deduct five seconds from the timer (I lost 20 on my first play before noticing it huhu).

Play Garden Secrets Hidden Objects at Solitaire.Org | Card Games, Majhong, Match 3, Logic Puzzles, Word Search Games, FREE Online Games | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

If you come to a point where you start needing help looking for an item, you can click on the question mark button, but that would be in exchange for a hundred points (not recommended).

There are ten levels to finish. Have fun! Play Garden Secrets Hidden Objects

Daily Word Search

Next up is the classic word search, which is perfect for all ages. There are three options for this one; you can play the 12x12, 14x14, or 16x16. I played 14x14, and honestly, it was fun. I did not want to be disturbed while playing to focus on getting as many words in less time (it was more challenging than it looked).

Play free Word Search Games Online | Logic Puzzles Match 3 Wordoku | Classic Solitaire | Free Word Games Online Safe and Legit Website Classic Solitaire

When it comes to word searches, I always read the words first before going through the pool of letters. Sometimes I say it aloud, and other times just mentally. It's my way of telling my mind which items to look for when I start searching. You can try that.

To get the best experience, wear headphones, leave the sound on, and go full screen.

Benefits of Playing Word Search and Hidden Object Games

The best thing about playing games that require searching is that they train the mind to be more attentive to details. Under time pressure, it also urges you to develop a technique to beat the timer.

How Playing Word Search Can Widen your Vocabulary

Every challenge requires you to look for a different set of words, and sometimes, you will encounter unfamiliar ones; this allows you to add new terms to your vocab that you can use later on for conversations. It's an entertaining way to level up your language fluency.

Why Hidden Object Games are Good for You

Hidden Object games are mentally stimulating and are an entertaining way to improve your visual perception. It's also good training for the eyes because it requires noticing even the simple details.

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