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Another Month Has Passed | Life Lately

Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Since my last Life Lately entry was two months ago, I thought of doing one today. May has been eventful. It was meaningful, mellow, and productive.

My Sisters’ Birthdays | Fam Bam

May is special because my two sisters were born in May (not to mention that Mother's Day also falls on this month). So, for the birthday of Betina, we had a nice family dinner and talked about random things. No matter how old she gets, she will always be my little sister. Ever since our youngest one passed away, she became the bunso of our family.

As for the birthday of Fatima, we offered our prayers to remember her. She is our angel.

Family dinner at Over Easy in Marikina

Since Mama was on vacation in Cebu during Mother's Day, we will celebrate it along with her birthday next month. The older I get, the more I appreciate everything our mother has done for us. I'm thankful to have her as our mom. I love her and my papa, for giving us a simple, but beautiful life growing up.

My in-laws and nieces also arrived from Australia this month. I met my mom-in-law at the airport, but she left a few hours after to visit her family in the province. Then, I met with my sis-in-law and nieces. It was good seeing them. I was not feeling very well, but I'm glad we spent time together; my husband hadn't seen his sister and his nieces for a long time. They are all beautiful and are part Filipinos. Would like to bond with them more next time.

Hubby's fam | Going around Makati & Taguig

My sister-in-law and the kids were in Manila for four days, and we spent most of our time doing activities for the girls, shopping, and dining. It made me happy to see hubby and sis-in-law reunite. Many things have changed, but family is family.

Still Reducing My Sugar Intake

So, I have been trying to reduce my sugar intake. That includes reducing my coffee consumption too. It hasn’t been the easiest (especially if you have a sweet tooth and are a coffee lover), but I think my body is starting to adjust. Laban lang, kaya ko to haha. The goal is to be okay with having one cup of coffee a day or maybe even three to four per week. If I ever decide to try to quit it for a month to see what happens, I'll share the experience here. Hubs and I have been making a few modifications to our diet lately. Alam nyo naman, hindi madali magkasakit sa panahon ngayon. Not to mention, magastos din. So ayun, baby steps muna kami.

Thea’s Wedding | Reunited with College Friends

One of my college friends got married!! And since I happen to be in Manila, I was able to attend; this was also the perfect opportunity to reunite with my college friends, most of whom I had not seen for a long time (I was, for the most part, in Ilocos for years).

Presentation of the Child Jesus church | Silica events place

I finally saw my goddaughter Hiraya too, who is super cute! She is currently seven months old. Para syang siopao hehe. Her mom Aira has been one of my closest friends since college.

Presentation of the Child Jesus Church in Paranaque | Life Lately Blog Philippines
We were missing two people from the group: Pau and Hapy, so I just inserted their faces lol

Thea and Merl had a solemn church ceremony. My friend Thea looked beautiful, and her hair color suited her. For the reception, me and my friends were seated at different tables. Aira was at the same table as Karla, Jed, and Lyka. Then I sat with Clare, Gabbie, and Cas. Ayun hmm ano pa ba. Nauna na kami ni Gab kumuha ng pica pica sa grazing table para makakuha na agad ng kutkutin hehe. Congratulations Thea! 🎉

Below are some more photos (from the photo booth):

Taking photos at the photo booth (reception)
Hermanas 🩷 L-R: Aira, Clare, Me, Cas, Karla, and Gabbie
Smiling for the camera (with college friends)

Merry, Mellow, and Meaningful | That's Life Lately

If I could describe this month three words, I'd use merry, mellow, and meaningful. Thank God for the gift of good friends and family.

I spent the remaining days of the month cleaning, going out for dinner dates, doing the laundry, finally changing the strings of my acoustic guitar, doing some work, and cooking. It's kind of like the usual, except there were special events this month. That would be all for today.


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