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An Accessible Amusement Park Inside Arcovia

Amusement parks have been around for quite some time. From what I learned, they originated in Europe. The oldest one recorded was in Denmark, and it was called Bakken. The concept then spread to the United States and evolved into better, larger fairs with more attractions.

In the Philippines, we have Enchanted Kingdom, Star City, Anjo World, and Fantasy World, among others. These are the big theme parks that locals and tourists visit during summer. Generally, they are hours away from the main cities.

Feel like a kid again inside Arcovia City’s Park

Boomerang ride at Fun in the City | Arcovia City, Pasig

If you have a busy schedule, going out of town to visit massive parks may not be an option. Luckily, if you live in Pasig, or are close to Mandaluyong and the Libis side of Quezon City, there is a spot where you can get the same thrilling experience at a fraction of the cost. It's not as fancy as the popular ones mentioned above, but you can still have a great time. The place is called Fun in the City.

Open dining space for visitors | Fun in the City | Arcovia City, Pasig


You can find Fun in the City inside Arcovia, a township development that is soon to be completed by Megaworld.

Construction is still ongoing, but rest assured, you won't get an eyesore because the area is well-maintained, and many dining establishments are now open. Not to mention that the Arco de Emperador stands out and naturally grabs everyone's attention. The beautiful monument is a masterpiece by Spanish artist Gines Serran-Pagan. It stands 19 meters tall.

Address: Arcovia City, C5 E. Rodriguez Avenue, Brgy.Ugong, Pasig, Philippines

Nearby commercial areas: Tiendesitas, Rockwell The Grove, SM Pasig, and Eastwood City.

Operational Hours: 3 PM to 12 MN

Note: There are days when the other rides are closed.

Rides & Sights

For the classic favorites, they have a merry-go-round, cable car, mini coaster, and two pirate ships (they have a big one and a small one).

Dragon Wagon ride | Fun in the City | Arcovia City, Pasig

There used to be only a few attractions. But now, if you go further inside, you’ll find more rides like Boomerang, Octopus, and Flying Elephant. I wouldn’t recommend the Octopus ride, though. It has no safety belts, and if you have sweaty hands, you may be uncomfortable when the ride tilts because it has no door (one small portion of the side is open).

Flying Elephant ride | Fun in the City | Arcovia City, Pasig