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Unlocking the Key Values That Lead to Success

Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny -Mahatma Gandhi

Aside from having the skills and the smarts, it’s important to have good values if you want to succeed in life. Here are five of those:

5 Key Values that Lead to Success


Integrity is defined as the practice of honesty and having good morals. It's basically doing the right thing. If you want to achieve true success, practice integrity as you become a master at what you do. You can do this by making the decision to do the right thing even during tempting moments, like returning the extra change the cashier mistakenly gave you or not participating in gossip at work. Remember that your successes are going to be meaningless if you lose integrity.

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Another way to practice integrity is by owning up to your mistakes or guarding the fruits of your labor. As you reach for your dreams, you’ll encounter plagiarizers, idea thieves, and individuals who’ll take advantage of your talents. Make sure to guard your harvest because you've worked hard for it. Integrity must be anchored within you, wherever you are, be it your home office, coworking space, or school.


Temptations are inevitable when you’re trying to achieve your goals. Let's use impulse buying as an example. Being disciplined with finances isn’t always easy. You could just be passing by the mall then get distracted with payday sale signs. The next thing you know, you’re spending money on things you don’t need.

With the distractions we have nowadays, like what was mentioned, it’s easy to set aside discipline. But to get to where you want to be, you have to be firm with yourself in sticking to the goals you’ve set for yourself, and you can do that by having self-discipline: the ability to control one’s emotions and unnecessary yearnings.


Pain is weakness leaving the body - Chesty Puller

The quote you just read is a line that encapsulates what grit is; a pulse of energy you feel in your fingers when you’re about to give up, the strength you suddenly find to carry on. If you’ve ever read the book The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, grit is seen as the central theme of the pursuit of individual dreams that are rooted in one’s passions.

It doesn’t matter if you weren’t born with a golden spoon in your mouth; what matters is that you persist. To get to where you want to be, you must take requisite calculated risks and move along with the motions of the waves because life is a ship, and you are the pilot.

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Humility is simply the act of being humble. It is staying modest and not perceiving oneself as more important than others. Examples of this include: letting a senior citizen get ahead of you in line, acknowledging that you still have a lot to learn, or not bragging about your achievements and material possessions.

When you practice humility as you work towards your goals, you’ll attract the right people to bring you more opportunities, and in turn, have a higher rate of achieving success. Being humble benefits your personal and professional relationships as well; you’ll find that more people would like to associate themselves with you. As you know, no one enjoys working with arrogant colleagues or partners.


How often do you find yourself finishing what you started? Can you commit to your work responsibilities? And your relationships? If yes, that’s great. If you find it hard to do so, that’s fine; you can still work on it, and now would be the best time to do that.

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The value of commitment is something that you should treasure greatly. If you read about the stories of successful people, one important value they all share is the value of commitment. They remain dedicated to their aspirations because they understand it’s necessary to achieve their aims and keep meaningful partnerships.

Whether you’re working from the comforts of your home, a coworking space, or a coffee shop, make it a point to commit to your tasks, and you will surely be one step closer to success.

Belle Hernandez is a Digital Marketing Associate from WeRemote Inc.

5 Key Values that Lead to Success


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