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5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care Today

Are you experiencing burnout? Couldn’t function as efficiently as you normally would? You might need some me-time to rest and recharge.

What is Self-Care? And Why is it Important?

Self-care refers to (deliberately) engaging in activities that help with one's physical and mental health or protect one's well-being.

As adults, we have different responsibilities at work and home. These are inevitable and are a part of life. But sometimes, whether out of decision or obligation, we take more than we can handle- then crash. Have you ever reached that point? If yes, it’s a sign to show yourself some extra TLC.

Self care is the new health care  | Easy ways to practice self-care

In a previous blog post, I mentioned "eustress", the positive stress that motivates and gives you a sense of fulfillment. If this is what you are experiencing, that is good to know (but still, it is best to look after your mental health and engage in self-care activities). On the other hand, if you are experiencing a draining kind of stress. It’s time to take action.

Stress is not something to underestimate; when intense and prolonged, it can affect your daily life. With this, I’d like to share a few researched-backed and easy ways to practice self-care today. I have done all these (and continue to do so whenever possible).

5 Easy Ways to Practice Self-Care Today

1.) Get Enough Rest

Sleep is crucial for good overall health. It is a time when biological processes (like cell repair and energy restoration) take place in our bodies for them to recover and prepare for the next day. Without enough sleep, we won't be able to perform our tasks properly, as it is also responsible for aiding brain functions like mood and memory. Are you getting quality sleep?

When I was having a challenging time and couldn't sleep well, I purchased a mattress topper, which was a wise decision because it was so comfortable. The one I got was from Uratex.

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2.) Tweak your Diet

It is a known fact that food affects your mood. With this, it would be a major self-care move to make an effort to tweak your diet. You can eat more veggies, squeeze in some fruit on the side, or change your cooking methods (try grilling or boiling instead of frying).

Healthy fruits and vegetables for a healthy mind, body, and soul

Another way you can do this is through evaluating your current diet and seeing if there is something you can improve (most likely, there is). It’s easy to resort to unhealthy and sugary foods under pressure and stress. It does help, after all. But too much of anything is not good. Sugar is a yummy mood booster but can create health problems if consumed in large amounts. It can give you cavities, damage your skin, and increase your risk for diabetes. The same goes for oily foods, which create high cholesterol levels that can lead to heart disease.

3.) Pamper Yourself

There are many options when it comes to pampering yourself. You can book a staycation, go shopping, or visit the spa for a massage. Pampering helps promote better sleep and gives you time to reflect. Do something that can put you in a relaxed state.

Easy ways to practice self-care today | Pamper yourself

If you prefer to stay home, you can do your mani/pedi, make all-natural face masks, or enjoy your beverage of choice while enjoying a movie.

4.) Listen to Feel-Good Songs

This one’s my favorite. Listening to music is one of the best and fastest ways to give you a boost. You can listen to your go-to songs while doing another self-care activity (like waiting for your face mask to dry or treating yourself to a foot massage). You can also create a playlist.

Easy ways to practice self-care today | listen to a feel-good song

When picking hits for your playlist, don’t just listen to the tune; check the lyrics too (your subconscious mind will pick it up). As much as possible, pick the ones with uplifting messages, not the ones with hateful, sad lyrics. Of course, a good pair of headphones would make your listening experience better.

5.) Count your Blessings

Practicing gratitude will put you in a different state of mind. Sure, it’s good to hit the gym, go shopping, or get a facial, but the satisfaction you get from these can be fleeting. To keep the good vibes flowing, write down a list of things, people, and opportunities you are thankful for. While you can do this on your phone, I highly suggest using your journal and a pen because it creates a different experience. Plus, you can be more creative that way.

Self-care package | Think happy thoughts

See What Works for You

Self-care can look different for everyone. To some, it could be as simple as not doing anything for an hour or two. To others, self-care can look like finishing a good book, cleaning the house, going to the gym, or decluttering on social media.

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