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Masks & Souls

Image and character are two different things. Just because a person appears to be “kind”, or seems to be “bad”, doesn’t mean he’s “kind” or “bad” in real life. Sometimes image is just image. Sometimes, people just want to be seen in a certain way for certain reasons.

I know some people who look so tough, strong, and cold on the outside but are surprisingly sweet, sensitive and gooey on the inside. On the other hand, I also know a handful who look so soft and sweet on the outside but are dauntless and tactical on the inside. So you see, a person's image can never really define one's "real self", it's just plain perception based on some of your factors (physical appearance, hobbies, choice of words, clothes, etc.,).

The Japanese say you have three faces quote | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Going back, I think it’s perfectly normal for us humans to care about how other people perceive us. I mean, I'm sure even those who claim that "they don't give a damn" cared at some point, or do the caring secretly. I don't really see anything wrong with being concerned with your image. I actually think it's a good thing 'cause it signifies awareness. Just make sure that you don't focus on crafting your image so much to the point that you forget to build and develop the most important thing, which is character.

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