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Trip to the Dentist and Some Thoughts

Lord, sana naman hindi pa katapusan ng bagang ko ngayong araw huhuhu” - Me on my way to the clinic

Teeth Talk: Seeking a Second Opinion

A week after arriving from Ilocos, I scheduled an appointment with a nearby dental clinic to have my teeth checked and have one of my fillings replaced. It was my first time there, so I answered a few forms, got examined, and did a panoramic dental x-ray (as advised) before continuing with the procedure. A few minutes later, as she was removing the old filling, she recommended tooth extraction or root canal to address the slight sensitivity that I mentioned when she was asking questions. This dentist also added that if I am willing, she can perform my preferred option within that moment. The way she said it gave me the impression she was uncertain about her recommendation.

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For some reason, it didn’t feel right. I politely refused. The thing was, she had already removed the pasta and said she couldn’t permanently close the tooth yet, so she used a temporary filling. After that, she advised me to come back after a week once I decide if I’m going to have it extracted or if I’d prefer the root canal. Medyo naloka ako ng slight. Akala ko nagkaintindihan kami. I just nodded my head, paid the fees, then left. Habang pauwi nalang ako mag iisip.

Visit to the Dentist | Dental Fillings | ANDLTORRE: A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

Upon reaching home, my instinct told me to seek a second opinion. And so, I sent a message to the dentist who installed my braces when I was in high school (she’s a nice lady and is also from Pasig). Thankfully she was available. Doctor K was able to clean my teeth quickly and replace my filling successfully. As it turns out, there was no need for a root canal treatment or tooth extraction. Neither was necessary for my case. I was relieved. Di nako mabubungi lol. To be fair, I believe the new dentist I visited was good. It’s just that my orthodontist is better in the sense that she’s been practicing dentistry for more than a decade now (the other one is still in her early 30s, I think).


Every Day is a Blessing

Today is a gift. Thank God for another day. With all that’s happening in the world right now, I sometimes can’t help but feel emotional. There’s a rising number of people testing positive for Omicron, and thousands are fighting for their lives in a crowded hospital, hoping for the best as their families pray for their recovery. I have a lot of bountiful days that I’m thankful for, but there are some moments when I feel conflicted. It’s hard to enjoy when you know someone is suffering.

Take last year’s Christmas as an example; while most of us had the privilege of spending the holidays with our families in the comfort of our own homes, those who were badly devastated by Typhoon Odette had to sleep on cold floors in the dark. Imagine working hard your whole life to build a house or a business, just for a typhoon to destroy it all. That’s hard. I admire the bravery of our fellow Filipinos in the affected areas for their optimism through all this (as testified by their smiling photos), and I pray for their strength.

It’s easy to get exhausted during uncertain times like this, but remember to appreciate what you have. The next time you complain about something petty, just think of the unimaginable circumstances other people are going through. You’re blessed. Grab your fave journal and count your blessings. Minsan akala natin tayo lang ang may mabigat na dala, mas mabigat pala yung sa iba. Pasalamat na tayo.


Grammarly Girl

I’ve been noticing a lot of Grammarly video advertisements lately and sa dami ng ads nila feeling ko friends na kami ni ate girl lol. I don't mind seeing the ads though, because it's not annoying and she seems like a nice person. Anyway, it’s just something that caught my attention with all the repetitive videos.

I guess that's it. Thanks for dropping by, and be sure to check out other posts.

Stay safe and well. Spend time with your family. Life is short.


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