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October 1st

Time check: it's 12:39AM. I just welcomed the first day of October and whoa what can I say? Time flies so fast. Just yesterday I was eating heart-shaped biscuits to celebrate Valentine's Day and now I'm working on my "grown up christmas list".

Moving on... My sister and I just found out that McDonald's has just opened a new branch in Kapitolyo and that it has 2 self-serving kiosks. According to a staff member, McDonalds Kapitolyo is the second branch to have these machines and that customers really enjoy using it. There's nothing really special about the kiosk if you ask me, the experience is actually very similar to you opening your tablet and placing your order online...but what makes this interesting (I guess) is that it's a new way to order your McDonald's favorites in a dine-in restaurant without the hassle of waiting in long lines. The transaction was pretty quick (at least for me cause I only ordered coffee), and the staff are very accommodating too. PLUS, they have free wi-fi.

A customer tries out the McDonalds kiosk in Kapitolyo, Pasig City


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