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A Rainforest in the Desert | The Green Planet in Dubai

In the desert city of Dubai stands a biodome home to over 3,000 species. The place is called The Green Planet, and that’s where I will take you today.

But wait, what is a biodome?

In simple terms, a biodome is a replica of a particular ecosystem in a controlled environment.

Now that we know what it is, let's continue…

The Green Planet in Dubai | Indoor Tropical Rainforest home to 3,000 species

Heading to the Venue & Getting our Passes

I was excited to see The Green Planet because it was my first time visiting a biodome. With this, we went there before lunch to claim our passes early and have more time to walk around.

For the tickets, we booked them online via Headout. You'll save more when you use discount sites, so I highly suggest you do it that way.

The Green Planet Dubai tickets | Review | Memento Vivere | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi

Special passes are available to those who want focused encounters with the animals (but you can still see them even with general admission tickets).

Book Your Passes via Klook

Book The Green Planet tickets in Dubai, UAE | Manila to Dubai

Exploring A Tropical Rainforest in the Desert

The journey starts at the main floor, where the walkthrough aquarium is (this represents the aquatic ecosystem). Here, you will see different fishes and a clear view of the upcoming attractions when you look up.

The Flooded Rainforest floor at The Green Planet in Dubai | UAE travel blog

From there, you can head straight to the elevator that will take you to the fourth level. The idea was to let the visitors explore the indoor rainforest by walking on the spiral ramp that connects all floors.

So. While you can begin wherever you want, it's best to start with the top floor- they call this The Canopy.

The Canopy at The Green Planet in Dubai, UAE
Here's how the canopy at The Green Planet looks like | Tree of Life | The Green Planet Blog Review
The view from the fourth level | The Green Planet, Dubai, UAE

The cute sloths were the first animals to greet us. They playfully swung on the bars and roamed freely, so there were moments when they would get in the way. Some of them also chased the little kids who taunted them hahaha (lucky they are friendly).

Sloths inside The Green Planet | Indoor tropical rainforest

In the middle, you will find a 25-meter artificial tree that serves as the centerpiece of the indoor rainforest.

The Tree of Life inside The Green Planet in Dubai | City Walk

As we went down, we saw a lot of mammals, amphibians, insects, and reptiles. There were also a lot of beautiful birds that flew around and chirped (like toucans, parrots, and macaws). The lovely birds were my favorite! Especially the Pink Cockatoo. I feel like it understands what I'm thinking and feeling lol.

Lovely Pink Cockatoo at The Green Planet in Dubai | UAE Travel
Beautiful Pink Cockatoo eating fruits for brunch
The calm & beautiful Pink Cockatoo eating fruit bits =)

What Else to Expect

The Emerald tree boa stands out among the snakes. Maybe it’s because of the color? I like the light shade of Green on its scales.

Emerald tree boa snake at The Green Planet in Dubai

The Northern Caiman lizard is a total mood; this is me when I get up in the morning thinking about what to do first, lol.

Northern Caiman lizard up close | The Green Planet Dubai

We've learned from the zoo keeper that these cute and colorful dart frogs are poisonous and one of the most toxic species on Earth. Below are photos of the Bumblebee and Green and Black dart frogs.

Bumblebee and Green & Black dart frogs at The Green Planet in Dubai

The vibrant bird in the photo is a Gallirex. It's a kind of Turaco bird from sub-Saharan Africa. They come in different colors.

Gallirex (turaco bird) at The Green Planet in Dubai | UAE

Upon our descent to the Forest Floor, we found more snakes, monkeys, birds, and golden-crowned flying foxes. And speaking of that, did you know that golden-crowned flying foxes are endemic to the Philippines? They are found in the northern portion of the Sierra Madre mountain range. That's a little trivia hehe.

Golden-crowned flying foxes at The Green Planet in Dubai
Cute golden-crowned flying foxes. They look like little humans with bat wings =)
Red tail boa | The Green Planet, Dubai UAE
The beautiful scenery at The Green Planet in Dubai | Tamarin monkey

Presenting the Palm Cockatoo and Asian Fairy-Bluebird. These friendly, feathery creatures like flying around and amusing guests with their natural beauty.

Palm Cockatoo and Asian Fairy-Bluebird flying around the biodome

The colorful macaw parrots (lovebirds) stood still on the branch the whole time we were there, but it's impossible to ignore them.

Macaw parrots (lovebirds) at The Green Planet in Dubai | UAE travel blog

Some more photos 💗

For the trip, I wore a cute and comfortable dress. I love the colors and the style. So, it's one of my favorite pieces now. It's available on Zalora (you can order directly using the product link).

The Green Planet Biodome in Dubai | UAE travel blog
Outside the Green Planet in Dubai

Creatures of the Night | The nocturnal animals

The nocturnal animals are in an enclosed section called Creatures of the Night. You can find this on the lower ground floor (separate from the rest), close to the souvenir shop.

It's dark down there, so it was hard to take photos, but they have armadillos, long Burmese pythons, lace monitors, and more. There's also an owl in the upper corner that looks at everyone.

Creatures of the Night | Nocturnal animals at The Green Planet in Dubai
Souvenir shop at The Green Planet in Dubai

How long does it take to finish exploring The Green Planet?

It takes about two to three hours to enjoy the complete experience; this includes taking your time to walk and interact with the animals, reading the descriptions, and taking photos.

Where to Get Food

Some stalls are open for drinks and snacks, but if you want proper meals, you can order from the cafe or go to City Walk.

Tropical Grab & Go at The Green in Planet in Al Wasl, Dubai

Green Planet Café

Outside the building (in the same area where you claim your tickets), there is a rainforest-themed café. You can check out the menu here.

The Green Planet Cafe in Dubai, UAE

City Walk

If you want more options, you can cross the road and head to the main City Walk area (where Canadian University Dubai is). They have McDonald’s, other restaurants, boutiques, and convenience stores. It is also the best place to hail a cab.

Restaurants and establishment at City Walk in Dubai, UAE
City Walk in Al Wasl | Dubai, UAE
City Walk in Al Wasl, Dubai (UAE) | Restaurants near The Green Planet

Final Thoughts | The Verdict

I am just happy to have seen this oasis. It was relaxing to be inside the dome, and I have also learned to appreciate the flora and fauna we coexist with.

I highly recommend Green Planet to anyone visiting Dubai. It's worth your money and your time. 10/10!

Green Planet is located at City Walk in Al Wasl, Dubai.


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