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A Peek Inside DLSU-D (La Salle Dasma) | 2018

These photos were taken in 2018. DLSU-D has undergone significant changes which made it even more beautiful and eco-friendly. To see updated photos and videos of the campus, you can visit DLSU-D Facebook page by clicking on this link. Thank you!

One of my college besties Lulu and I had such a great time visiting our alma mater, De La Salle University-Dasmariñas, a spacious La Salle campus situated in Cavite. I think it's about five times bigger than the Taft campus and it also has this vintage charm which I love. We sure missed the simple life there, the greens, and the wonderful community. It was one for the books. Here are some photos of our quick trip hehe.

Didn't realize our outfits looked similar until I uploaded this photo hehe

Ladies' dormitory- my second home!! I always get too happy and emotional every time I enter this place hehe. They organize a lot of dorm parties and events here.

The view from our classroom in JFH building, 4th floor. So relaxing.

National Bookstore inside the campus, for easier school supplies shopping.

JFH building, aka the oldest building in DLSU D- Home of students from the College of Liberal Arts.

CTHM building- College of Tourism and Hospitality Management. The students' favorite part of this building has got to be the coffee shop located right in front of the entrance (not in photos). It's simple, cozy, and the coffee tastes great.

This is how the CTHM building looks like a few hours after lunch. I love all the beauty and simplicity in this photo.


DLSU D Bleachers- the best place to chill and hang out with your friends while watching track and field varsity members or soccer players run around the oval in the afternoon.

University Oval- the best place for jogging and doing work outs. if you don't feel like working out here, you have other options (not in photos): the olympic-sized pool, gymnasium, or the basketball courts located at the Ugnayang La Salle or near the admin building. OR. you can just show your best moves at the dance studio.

Our very own retreat place, situated near the other school entrance (Gate 3). We don't have to go out for retreats anymore; this is already too serene and beautiful!

This is where you can have a nice view of the lake (we're standing on a bridge, not in photo).

So there we go, some photos of my beloved alma mater hehe. Thanks for reading ☺️ -Andi To watch a mini tour of the campus, click HERE.


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