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What Can Change in a Year? Oh How Time Flies

Many things can happen in a month, let alone a year. Can you remember how things were for you 365 days ago? How about now? These are questions you can answer in your head or in your journal to reflect.

The thing about time is that it doesn't stop for anyone and brings a lot of changes, be it with the people around us, our environment, or ourselves.

I know we are not celebrating 2024 soon, but today we'll go through some things that can change in a year (this was what I reflected on during the holy week).

What can change in a year? | A Lifestyle Blog by Andi | Philippines

You as a person

Your physical appearance can change. People glow up all the time, and there are different ways to do this; you can upgrade your wardrobe, dye your hair, take better care of yourself, then look better than you did before.

Aside from that, more importantly, your outlook can change. Your daily encounters, challenges, and accomplishments all affect how you evolve. And depending on how you respond to these events, you can go into a downward spiral or strengthen your mind to experience personal growth.

Your interests

The hobbies you enjoyed as a kid may not be as enjoyable now. You may retain some of them, but not all. As we discover more about the world, we learn new things and find new passions, even ones we never thought we'd expect to like back in the day. Have you had any new hobbies lately?

Other factors that can affect changes in hobbies and interests include your mental state, social influences, resources, schedule, location, or feelings.

Learning is a lifelong process

The environment you’re in (or the world)

Even during moments when you feel stagnant, something is happening. It may not necessarily be about you, but it could be in the communities you belong to or the environment. Some examples include new developments in town, changes in your locality, or something nature-related, like extreme drought or heavier rains. Nature-related changes happen slowly over a long period, and it takes a while before we see the consequences, but that doesn't mean it is not taking place. Another good example is the pandemic, a global crisis that has affected millions and taken lives.

Your friendships

Friendships are a gift to the world. Commonly, we form them with people who belong to the same community as ours (same neighborhood, university, or building, groups that are not self-formed). Sometimes, we find them when we purposely join organizations or through unexpected situations. Regardless, we build close relationships with those on the same wavelength as us.

Nothing is permanent, and as we move houses, jobs, or take different paths, we lose some friends and gain new ones too. There are also those friendships that have become silent due to priorities but remain strong as ever. I'm sure you have friends you don't always see but still share a connection with. Genuine bonds stand the test of time, and they get even better.

Love and friendships make life a beautiful adventure

Your relationships

Just like friendships, (romantic) relationships bring happiness and make life meaningful. It is not perfect, though. Ups and downs are a part of it, and depending on how you work on your dynamics as a couple, the relationship can either grow to maturity or fall apart. The good news is that, If you value what you have and commit to it, time will be in your favor and deepen your love for each other as the years go by.


We can keep going if we continue to list what can change in a year, but if we were to summarize it in one word, it is 'anything'; anything can change anytime. With this, in times of defeat and suffering, we should continue to smile (like, you can let out your frustrations but don't let them take you over). Then, in the face of success and achievements (big or small), we should stay grounded.

The two most powerful warriors are patience and time

Each Day Matters Cause Time Flies

Even the most challenging and mundane days matter. The bad days make you appreciate the high times in your life. It makes victory sweeter and fun times richer.

All days lead to weeks, which lead to months, which make up a year. So simply put, the key to a great year is to overcome the bad days with a smile, and count the memorable days with a joyful heart. Before you know it, much has happened. A lot can happen in a year. Time flies.


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